A whole weekend of Sunshine!

I am doing this post early as I may not have time again until Monday. The sunshine refers to last weekend as this one is not shaping up too well so far, it is windy and showers are forecast.
This is a mini cloche for our strawberry plants, it is just a clear drinks bottle cut in half and slipped over the fruit. It concentrates the heat and keeps the fruit off the ground as well as deterring the birds if out in the open. We used them last year also and they worked well.The top half of the bottle can be used as a funnel to feed and water the tomato plants, just take off the cap and sink the neck into the pot near the plant and feed can be poured straight onto the roots.
The kids enjoying the sunshine in Robert's Cove last weekend, Kevin,Aoife and Scott on his first visit to the beach and he loved it!
Hmmm...I wonder what this tastes like? Believe me he did try mouthfulls of it, I had to keep a close eye on his two hands!
Another show garden from Bloom. This one is Keelings fruit which I thought was colourful and would appeal to children to see fruit in a different way. Think Willy Wonka with fruit instead of chocolate!
Our old favourite the Tumbling pots. They have now gone into production, a stand featured them selling a metal trivet which fits into the bottom pot with some of the rod welded into it the second half of the rod is then screwed into that. They were selling 2 for 20e to a lady while we were there.The one on display had a dried flower arrangement in it but they also had a video showing which had some great ideas to use them for. Fruit and seeds for autumn or a harvest festival ,a Christmas one with dried flowers and decorations with a bit of glitter, a wedding one with flowers and ribbons.All of these could be used indoors in a porch or sunroom so once the outdoor plants had finished they could be brought indoors and used throughout the year.In the background you can just see one made with different sized baskets and could be used for rolled up guest towels in a bathroom.


Darla said…
that looks like a geat weekend. My husband made me a tumbling pot, we call it a tipsy planter. I have live plants in mine in the yard.
Great pictures, Peggy. How that Scott has grown!! Looks like he was having such a good time in the sand.

Thanks for all the tips using a drink bottle. Now if I just had a garden to try it out. But, the son in law has one so I will tell him about it.

And, thanks for all your encouraging words on my journey blog. You are a dear.
Ann said…
Hope your weather this weekend was better than ours Peggy, thunderstorms and horrendous rain!

Your poached eggs and asparagus looked delicious.
Catherine said…
That was some weather while it lasted Peggy! Yesterday and today awful for early June and I hardly saw daylight yesterday with the count - hubby got elected! I will post about it! and then we spent hours at the county count in Dungarvan tracking Labour's fortunes - very well. Loved your Bloom photos and the kids on the beach- what a lovely country this is when we get decent weather!!

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