Strawberries and Peas

Our mini cloches are working, this plant had two red strawberries overnight! They are the Christine, an early summer variety of the ones I bought in Aldi.They are a medium sweet variety and very tasty, how do I know that? Well, there was no point in bringing just two strawberries all the way home ,was there?!
The peas are producing lots of pods now so I had to open one to see how they looked inside. Small but perfectly formed and again tasted fresh and sweet.The photo is a bit fuzzy as I held the peas in one hand and shook the camera trying to click the shutter and hold the camera with the other.
Could this be the first sign of Blight? Some of the plots have slight blight showing so I went out last night and sprayed all of ours .It rained steadily all night and is still bucketing down so I am not sure if they need spraying again as it is now washed off. I have put in a question to Irish Gardeners forum and hopefully I will get an answer this morning on whether to spray again or not.
Ready..Steady...I bought this sunflower which is attached to a water hose in Lanzarote about 3 or 4 years ago. It would have been October or November so we would not have been worrying about watering then, it was put in under the stairs and forgotten about until I came across it recently. I rigged it up yesterday and it flips around at a dizzying rate spraying water, great for the plants! The girls were fascinated by it and began running up and down the garden trying to go between the sprays ,needless to say they were soaking!
Go !


Goldmember said…
I have seen those sun flowers in Garden Centres over here. They look like fun, I may get one for the garden. My boys would love it.

Finally you have some strawberries Peggy, it looks like your mini cloche has done just the job.....and the peas, they look so healthy.
mangocheeks said…
What a great idea about the cloches, I will have to try this as my strawberries are still green, or maybe I could be patient and wait for them to redden naturally, maybe - maybe not.

I hope you don't have blight, that would be so dissapointing.

The sunflower hose is a nice touch!

Also Thank you so much for putting a link to my blog. I truly appreciate it.
A nice way to reuse plastic bottles... Your strawberry really growing well. Good luck for more coming...

Happy gardening,
~ bangchik
Hey, I want to join the girls. That looks like fun.
Darla said…
Yummy strawberries, the peas look good, I know nothing about blight and the girls look like they were having so much fun. Cute sprinkler.
Evening Peggy,

Haven't even got straw ubder my Strawberries. must get the finger out this week end. Going to try that bottle idea, looks good.


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