Fruit and flowers

I am so excited, I have figured out how to load up more than 5 photos to my posts! This morning I strolled around the garden checking on what had come out or died back while I was away and also on the allotment.I was trying to decide which to post first when I had a brainwave ( I may have to lie down for a while)and got them all loaded up.Captions will be brief as I don't want to tax myself completely.First is one of the squash plants which is planted in the sweetcorn bed, with flowers and tiny fruit.
Today's harvest was spinach,dwarf beans,Orla potatoes and lettuce.
There is a huge amount of raspberries even though Kathryn had picked what were ripe on Sat and made some jam
One of my baskets at the front of the house,this one is Bonfire begonia.
Red begonia and a yellow one which I cut out of the photo and a bacoba.
Fuchsia out the back, I cannot cut back the hedge until it is finished flowering as it is growing through it.
The hosta has sent up long spires of purple flowers.
My Lillies in their tin bathtub all flowered while I was away so I may have missed the best of them but they are still gorgeous.
A close up of the Lillies
The sweet peas have made a spurt and finally reached the top of the trellis and some have flowered, of course I have been smelling them all day!"


Anonymous said…
theres nothing like being away from the garden for awhile and coming back to discover all the new additions!
Barbarapc said…
Peggy, it's all looking so fabulous. (Isn't it great when you figure out a feature in this blogisphere?) Wish we could do Fuchsias the way you can. We're several weeks away from raspberries - imagine enough for jam - I'm very impressed.
Peggy said…
Kathleen, everything went wild!
Barbarapc, Fuscsias grow wild along the roadsides here, this was a slip from one I took one day and stuck into the ground when the hedge was small.
mangocheeks said…
I am so impressed, especially that you had so many raspberries to make jam.

Mine are starting to ripen quick, other than enjoying them fresh I am thinking of ways of how to use them well.
smart readers said…
How lovely! All Very impressive. Must have involved a lot of hard work!
Jared said…
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