Allotment Open Day 2

Photo is of Chris setting out the tables for the food,which he prepared on the day for which donations were accepted to give to a charity.Chris had made different types of scones,served with cream and rhubarb jam and also his Elderberry cordial which went down a treat on such a warm day.Chris is also organizing a 'Slow Food' event on the allotment in August, I will do a post on this soon with full details.
Some of the visitors browsing around the plots, it also shows the top of our new plot and one of our wicket gates of which I forgot to take a decent photo.Most of the plotters were present so it was nice to talk to everyone as we all go out at different times and do not meet up very often.
View down the new plots which are all looking green and productive.Visitors arrived all afternoon so it did not get too crowded at any one time and was nice and relaxed, everyone could look at the plots and speak to the owners, it had an air of an old fashioned garden party!
A view down the old plots, again looking lush and green.We had all put in extra effort so the plots were weeded and looking their best. There is a great variety of produce and everyone has their own method of growing in different shaped beds, so all of the plots are very individual.
We are going to the UK on Wed for a few days off so the blog will not be updated until I return,Kathryn and the girls are in charge of watering until then as the weather is hot and sunny and everything will be crying out for water!We are digging our new pops and they taste great, no sign of blight so far as we are spraying religiously!


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