Home garden blooms

I decided to get tough this morning and tidy up the back garden, I took everything out of the mini greenhouses and removed the top two shelves in each and have put two tomato plants in each.All of the herbs which I will not be using will be taken out to the allotment later and given away to good homes.We spent most of the weekend out there earthing up the potatoes and weeding ,Ed also put up fencing and we will be adding gates during the week to secure the plot as the rabbits are back in force!The photo is of a Lupin which I bought years ago and I have moved it and divided it and it still comes up tall and majestic each year,the white flower in front I do not know the name of .I picked a bit from a wall again years ago and have divided it and given lots of it away. It grows everywhere and spreads out into a white carpet for most of the summer, great as a weed suppressor.
The tumbling pots with the faithful pansies which have survived wind and rain and are blooming. I dead head them regularly but find the top pot dries out quicker than the others.
The raised bed with a Clematis which I bought in Southport (Liverpool) about 6 years ago it is a lovely shade of purple and the flowers fade to a lighter shade as they go over.In front is the Campanula, my late mother brought me a slip of this and put it in years ago and again I have slipped it and given away lots of cuttings over the years, it will take over the whole front of the stone bed and I have to be ruthless and pull it all back in autumn, but it does not do it any great harm as it comes back every year.
The timber raised bed with Sweetpea, lettuce, begonias, spring onions and parsley all crowded in but growing! I had to tie in the sweetpeas as they were all over the place.Next year I will put a piece of wire behind the trellis for them to cling on to as they don't cling to the trellis
The cleared out greenhouse,I kept the strongest of each tomato variety and some which I will try outside in a grow bag. The weather today is warm and muggy so they will need air circulating and room to water and feed them. There are also peppers and 1 chilli in there.The weather conditions are right for blight to appear on tomatoes and spuds now so spraying should be started as soon as possible.
I have no photos from the weekend on the plot as the batteries in my camera died!


I envy your 'green thumb' and your enthusiasm. Those plants are so healthy looking and the flowers outstanding. You give such good care to everything you tackle and it shows.
Darla said…
Your flowers are gorgeous!!!!!!! Just love all of them.
mangocheeks said…
The tumbling pots are amazing.

Thank you for sharing.
Things are lookin good, wish I had more time, talk to u soon
Cheese said…
Great use of space with the lettuce, spring onions, parsley and sweet peas all in one raised bed! Looks great!
Anonymous said…
You really are a very hard worker and looks like it pays off in many ways. Someone will be very happy to get your extra herbs.

Catherine should get her package tomorrow. I was so impressed with your package of goodies. You are very thoughtful and she's going to love the items.

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