Crochet and Compost

Baby Katie finally got her finished crochet blanket, with all the gardening for the past few weeks crocheting has been relegated to a couple of nights.The blanket was nearly finished when I ran out of the darker colour for the squares and it is no longer being produced so the whole thing had to be unpicked and different coloured squares put in to complete the blanket.Katie looks quite pleased with it even though she seems to be examining it for mistakes!
The PSB bed that was has now been nearly covered with the wilted leaves and kitchen compost which I brought out to rot down on the bed, it does not look pretty and believe me it did not smell pretty either! This was covered with the compost from the composter then wet cardboard and finally black plastic.It will rot down until next spring when it should be rejuvenated and ready for replanting.
I had to take a photo of Micheal's bird scarers,there are cans hung on strings to bang against each other in the wind and make lots of noise.I think they look a bit like Chinese lanterns. Micheal says these are all recycled he did not buy them or drink the contents,at least that is his story!It makes for another unusual and interesting piece of recycling on the allotment.


Darla said…
I'm glad I did not see you crocheting in the compost! LOL Wasn't sure what this post had in store for the readers. Nice blanket, CUTE baby...
Anonymous said…
Aw she came out so cute in the pics but she is very photogenic is my girl.
she loves the blanket by the way...

thanks again Mom

Lin xx
Looks like Katie loves her blanket. I bet she's saying thank you grandmother, you were swell to make this for me.
vuejardin said…
Baby Katie is so cute, such a beautiful smile!
Oh, I love crochet! I had a fabulous crocheted dress in the 80s which I wore until it fell apart! So few people seem to crochet these days.
Crochet and Compost - lovely combination!
Catherine said…
Peggy she is gorgeous and the blanket is beautiful! I haven't crocheted anything since I used to make those american squares for everything back in the hippie 70s! What talent to make something like this - looks complicated. We are in the middle of the festival in Lismore this weekend - you should come as it's going really well!
Peggy said…
Hi everyone thanks for visiting and leaving comments. Katie is so cute and ruling the household with a smile.Crocheting is so easy to do and take with you, mine is not perfect by any means but it gets by.I have another one to start now for next grandchild!
Anonymous said…
Most beautiful baby blanket I've seen. I really do like the mixed pinks. And only you would love your compost so much that you would feature it with the blanket;)

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