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Getting to Grips with the new Plot

Posts in position for the wire fencing because we have been told that rabbits are also a big problem up here!Billy dug a trench along the fence line to bury the end of the wire to stop said rabbits from tunneling underneath. Windbreaker was then added for extra protection for plants as it is a wide open field!

It is hard to see in this pic but the first permanent bed is in place across the back fence.
I slipped 4 raspberry canes, 3 stools of rhubarb and 1 Globe Artichoke from the plot in The Hydro Farm.
The shed has to be put into place this weekend before digging out the other beds ASAP!
Potatoes are still chitting in the shed.
Onions are waiting to go in.
Seedlings are backing up at home waiting to be hardened off
 Seeds planted today were Sugar Snap.These handy little seed trays had grapes in them, nice and high with air and drainage holes already in place and a  lid to act as an incubator

Two of them just fit nicely into another reusable item, an aluminium tray which also reflect…