A Light Organic Lunch

The eggs I brought home last night were poached for lunch with two of our asparagus spears, how is that for organic and lack of miles from plot to plate? More to the point it was delicious!
I spent ages on the plot yesterday but forgot the camera, everything is thriving after the spell of warm weather. These are the peas,lots of pods but do we wait for them to fill out or use them now as petit pois? Oh decisions!
The broad beans are producing apace, I did not know they grew upwards rather than down from the plant like other peas and beans.
A view across the two plots, all green or at least dug and waiting for their lot of plants to go in. I really did not think we would have the second plot up and running at this stage.
I spent today on the plot with the two girls but first we took a spin to B&Q.I had an idea of how to build a fruit cage and once we had the stuff we headed out to put it together.There are 8 light stakes driven into the ground and my favourite plumbing thingys the bendy pipe is cabled tied onto the stakes to make an arch and the netting draped over.We can get in under it no problem to weed or pick fruit. I love the person who invented cable ties!I had one long piece of netting but Mike, seeing my predicament when it was not enough to cover the bed completely gave me an identical piece which I joined on and now have a super enclosed fruit bed!I was worried the bees would not be able to get in but they flit in and out without any bother, they are resourceful little things. We are going to have a bumper crop of raspberries this year the best ever, so the birds have to be kept out I only hope they are not as smart as the bees!


Maggie said…
Hi Peggy, greetings from Adelaide South Australia I have just found your wonderful blog.
I shall stop by often. Maggie
Hills and Plains Seedsavers.
Have you ever thought of joining Kitchen Gardeners International (KGI) it is a great way to share gardening experiences globally maybe I shall see you there!
Peggy said…
Hi Maggie, I have had just a quick look at your blog which is both interesting and informative.I will pay a longer visit soon and link.
Wow you have some interesting things going on. what cute kids! does it ever amaze you that the messier they get the more fun they have???
fiftypushing said…
Hi Peggy! I have been absent for a while as my mum died, aged 90 and I have been dealing with it. It's lovely to see your blog so full of flowers which my mother loved so much. wil visit again soon!

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