Lunch Munch

I pulled one of the lettuce growing in the timber bed out back, this is the head after being washed ,more than enough for lunch for the week! It is crisp and tasty. I reset another plant in place of it as I have some extras 'heeled' in to a spot in the garden as I am trying to keep a succession of fresh salad leaves going for the whole summer.
Lunch munch sandwich, lettuce, I had to buy the tomatoes as I don't have any ready to eat as yet. The onion I pulled on the plot last evening as it was developing a seed head but it is edible as is. Chives also from the garden to complement and this is what I call a fresh lunch! The sun is shining so I am off to sit outside with the teapot and sandwich.


Oh my, that lettuce looks so crisp and so good for you. And, the sandwich... I know you enjoyed that. You are quite the gardener, my lady, and you will put delectable foods on the table all summer. That's quite an accomplishment!!
Darla said…
and oh so healthy!
I'm hungry now looking at that beautiful lettuce!
I received my gardening by letter envelope yesterday and wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful card and all the gifts you enclosed. The first thing I noticed when I opened the big envelope was the yummy smell of lavender. I love the sachets! Thank you also for the seeds and irish blessing card and pin. I do have Irish blood so even more fun to receive these gifts from Ireland.
David in Kansas said…
Now that's how you eat a salad!

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