A Busy Week

I cannot believe it is a whole week since I posted here! It has been a very busy week on all fronts and when I came home each night I just tidied up the house,showered and fell into bed.Today is our allotment Open Day and we have spent the week painting and bringing our plots up to 'show' standard. Today is marred a little as my gardener in chief Kevin was admitted to hospital last night and is waiting to have an MRI scan this morning but he is in good form and enjoying the attention.
All of the old machinery has been painted and put out on display and flowers are blooming all over the place.A large number of visitors are expected and the day so far is sunny but breezy.Kathryn and the kids weeding up a storm to get all the beds cleaned up.
One of the days produce, I did not have the camera some days or forgot to take photos.I pulled up all of the garlic as the rust had taken over despite spraying a few times.Some of the bulbs had started to develop into cloves, we can use them as they are but they won't store so it will be garlic with everything for the next few weeks.The peas are flying and we are using them as sugar snap peas cooking them whole instead of waiting to pod them.Spinach is in great demand and is producing fresh leaves every few days.
My sister called to the plot yesterday with my aunts who were visiting and I dug up some of our Colleens for her, the week made a huge difference in size and they looked good, I am waiting to get her verdict on taste.
The rabbits are all over the place and are not too afraid of us, this one was hopping on the roadway and just hopped inside a gate and waited for me to pass!The photo is a bit fuzzy as I took it through the car window.
I was going through my freezer and came across blackcurrants since last year! There was not a lot ripening at any one time so I froze them as we were picking them and forgot about them.There were 2 lbs of fruit so I made blackcurrant jam and of course had to make fresh scones to put it on.I remember a lady saying to me years ago that blackcurrants were the only fruit that used one and a half lbs of sugar per lb of fruit and even though none of the recipes I came across does I still used that amount and it tasted delicious.Baby Scott who is big into trying new tastes loved it!
The scones and jam before they got demolished.I will have lots of photos of the Open Day as I will be spending some time there today and we will have our own open day with BBQ for Kevin as soon as he is out and about again.While his parents are in the hospital with him I will have Scott who will be paying his first visit to the allotment for an hour or two.


The currant jam and scones look so inviting.... I know they must have been so good.
mangocheeks said…
I hope your Open Day goes well, wish I was nearby I would've popped by. Like the look of the garlic, I planted mine too late, so they are not ready yet for pulling.

Hope all is well on the home front, and that Kevin is back on form.

Love the scones, are they square? Nice touch!

Couldn't get to the hydro today as my better half had me out all day looking at stuff for the new house, never realised house moving could be so time consuming and that's before u ever move in. The allotment is looking great and your posts are great to read.
Ann said…
Hope your open day is a success Peggy, wish I was there!

Your scones and jam look delicious, we have a red currant bush, I'll have to think about getting a blackcurrant too.

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