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Unbelievable sight out on the allotment today! This is just one (forefront) of our 5 rhubarb  plants bursting into new life.I should have covered them just in case of severe frost but it was a quick visit and I was caught for time, hopefully I won't  regret the decision!
The whole reason of the visit was to pull the remains of the Brussels sprout plants to give to the hens to nibble for greens.
It was a beautiful bright and sunny day , a complete contrast to yesterday when we had to drive with lights on ALL day!

 I just had time for a quick look around and I was amazed at the new growth breaking through, above some daffodils

 In the same bed which was a new 'dig' last autumn are lots of daffs and some new off shoots of our globe artichoke.They have all taken root and are looking great, even the weeds are awakening from their overwintering!
The over wintering onions have put on a growth spurt since I was out before Christmas,  this photo was taken at a bad angle and does n…