Purple Sprouting Broccoli that was

Just a quick post this evening.Last evening I pulled all of the leaves off of the PSB and I had to get Ed to pull the stalks out of the ground ,they were like tree trunks!I piled the leaves up on the bed, I only took this photo this evening when I went out to measure up for the gates and they have wilted down but you can see the amount of leaves it produced and very little else.
If you look at the blog title photo, it shows Kevin at this particular bed 3 years ago,it was the very first bed we dug and got into production so I think it needs a little R&R for the coming months.I am going to leave the leaves rot down with any of the weeds we are pulling, some fresh veg peelings etc and I will get a few bags of the compost from the Municipal composter, cover the whole lot with cardboard and weed suppressant fabric and just let the whole lot rot down to feed the soil before planting again.
I could not believe the amount of light that suddenly shone down on the onion bed! This could be the reason they have been performing badly even though half of them are in since last Autumn.I hoed and weeded about a third of them and will finish the job during the week maybe they will have a growth spurt with all of this light and attention. Gardening optimism!


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