Faux Stone Trough

The word faux is a really nice word,somehow it does not seem to mean false, just a kind of copy! I had read about making these stone looking troughs or flower pots and again it was on my list of things to try.With my supply of donated flower pots I decided this was as good a time as any.The first pic is of the completed trough or tub filled with compost waiting on plants.
I began with a plain white plastic tub, it does not have to be white it can be any colour.Glue ,I used PVA which was painted on thickly and left to get tacky and either sand or I used a mix of small stones and sand, sold in the builders suppliers as 'filling'.
It is not a quick job to do as each side is pasted, shake on the sand thickly and press down to dry, I also did the opposite inside edge. I left it overnight each time but if it was sunny and warm it would probably dry faster.The first side drying, when it is dry shake off the excess leaving a thin covering.
The final application and it is completed only to wait for it to dry out.
I have not been gardening or blogging for the weekend, busy catching up on housework and on Sunday my student who is from land locked Switzerland wanted to go sea kayaking so I made arrangements for him to go to Sandycove near Kinsale on Sunday. This is the class of beginners coming up the river after spending 3 hours out.We drove back around some of the coast from Kinsale to Roberts Cove to Fountainstown and Crosshaven.It was a lovely sunny afternoon and there were a lot of people taking advantage of the time to walk or sit in the sunshine.


Fiona said…
What a brilliant idea - Well Done
Anonymous said…
looks a great way of turning a plain plastic trough into something more interesting!
cindee said…
This is a great idea! It turned out great!!!! CiNdEeS' GaRdEn
Darla said…
Wonderful idea, thanks for sharing. Funny how housework gets in the way this time of the year..
Another brilliant idea Peggy, looks very good. You got great weather for your trip out, bet it was fab
City Diggity said…
That pot came out great! I suppose you could probably mix in a few other things for color or texture, like maybe dried peas and such... Anyhow, wonderful job on the project. Happy blogging.
Lynda said…
I love the Faux stone trough - you're very clever, Peggy. I look forward to seeing what you plant in it !
My word... what will you try next? just kidding. That's a great idea and the trough looks great.
Peggy said…
Hi everyone, thnaks for all the comments gardening is getting in the way of blogging not to mention housework!
Anonymous said…
Well, I love it. I really like what you did to that plain old container. I have a lot of those and the ones that come from the nursery too.

You were sure sweet to that young man. I like to hear you talk about where you live and what is in the surrounding area. It looks and sounds interesting.

I was thinking about how tired he must be after being out for 3 hours. How do you go potty?

I like NC of the USA but I have to drive 5 hours to get to the SC beaches and 8 to get to NC Outer Banks. It can't be a day trip.
Peggy said…
Flowergardengirl, I suppose living within 30 minutes of a choice of beaches we are inclined to take it for granted and forget that other people dont get to see the ocean!

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