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June update

We have not had  much time on the allotment due to continueing bad weather and a busy few weeks otherwise.
It must be the worst June for decades and despite wind and rain we have had our potatoes wiped out by blight!
Blogger puts me off trying to upload photos in any order and these are very hit and miss, and I find I cannot put text where I want to!
First pic we moved out the grafted plants out to the greenhouse where they have thrived

I did have a photo of the tomatoes on the Elegance tomato plants but I dont know where it has gone to??!!They have grown great but I do find they can sprout side shoots at a fantastic rate and keep growing them even after pinching them out time and time again. The cucumbers are midi sized and there are three on each of the three plants
Looking back at my previous post at the photo of our red duke of York potatoes coming through back in May nearly made me cry because this is what they look like now after cutting back the stalks since they were  being hi…