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Optimistic Seed Sowing

Cauliflower & cabbage plants, these were bought and potted on into larger pots and will be repotted probably twice more before going out into their permanent plot.They have been netted against the birds which would love a taste of some nice green veg to vary their winter diet.
 Our seed potatoes chitting in the shed, not a whole lot but we don't have a lot of space and it will be late by the time we get them in
 The rhubarb which I broke off  the big plants we had on the Hydro, I have one in the garden here which is growing fine these got 'a touch of frost' the other night and are looking a bit sorry for themselves
I set to on the seed box last night and discarded out of date seeds and opened packets.I had been tidying out one of the spare rooms and came across a gardening journal which I had started last year. I start one every year but then forget about it! I was amazed at the amount of seeds I had already sowed by this time of the year so we will have to get oursel…

All Change!

I have been absent from the blog forever! I had a lot to weigh up before deciding which way to go .
We had been nearly 6 years on our plot in the Hydro Farm Allotments, 3 with one plot and then we even took on a second one, but things change and sometimes we have to change with them.
The recession means my trusty Grandson Stephen who has been with me since day one has had to emigrate,Grand daughter Gemma is now studying at Drama College and D. Kathryn and the 2 girls Sinead & Aoife are moving to the other side of the county and so are unable to continue on the allotment and therefore after much mind acrobatics and heart searching I  decided finally that neither could  I.
The kids grew up on the Hydro farm, Zwena always encouraged them.They learned about growing their own, they got to  know about hens etc, they grew pumpkins and giant sunflowers had BBQs and generally had fun. We got to know some fantastic people, grew and ate veg we had never considered before, had open days, cel…