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I have'nt felt the need to post so soon for a while! While online looking at a website I followed a link to a blog which sounded as if it was garden related,sure enough it was and it is Irish! I suppose I have become a little disillusioned with the lack of fellow garden bloggers in Ireland to exchange ideas and /or advice, apart from one or two, garden bloggers seemed to be rather thin on the ground (pardon the pun)!
 This particular post is amazing as it highlights food waste particularly and an amazing event coming up to bring it home to people, read and enjoy!
Irish food/garden blogger

Spammed Off!

Hello from a very spammed off Blogger! Despite sending a captcha feedback complaint to Blogger over a month ago I still have not gotten any feedback from them?! I have been otherwise busy...we had a  marvelous day in Co Kilkenny on 27th Oct to commemorate my grand uncle Michael who died in France towards the end of WW1. I have already covered his story and our efforts to trace him online here
In beautiful autumn sunshine  we had a very simple and moving ceremony attended by more than 40 extended family and friends, members of the American Legion in Ireland led by Retired master Sargent Ron Howko. My son Kevin who was home on leave from serving with a European mission received the folded Stars and Stripes
 Michael K.Holmes with the photo of the  memorial tablet which was sent by the American Government and now adorns his parents grave, Michael's remains were never recovered and only his name is recorded on the wall of the Missing in the Meuse Argonne American cemetery in France