More Bloom and Blooms

Some of the beautiful Lilies which were on display,these were my favourites on the stand and the photo does not do them justice as they were so eyecatching.
There were not too many roses on stands but this stand was all roses, the heavenly waft of perfume made us stop in our tracks. Most of the roses did not have a smell which I think is one of the prerequisites of roses if you are going to the trouble of growing them. I sniffed all of them and I think this one was the best it is a lovely pale pink old fashioned looking rose with the most gorgeous smell.It is named after Geoff Hamilton who presented Gardener's World and other gardening programmes for years but died some years ago.It is a fitting tribute to him.
We nearly missed the replica of Michelle Obama's White House vegetable garden but more or less stumbled across it.The American flag can be just seen in the top centre of the photo.
It was not all walking ,we took time out to sit and enjoy the sun and spectacle while enjoying strawberries and champagne! There were sellers walking around with Cool packs selling them, first we were going to share but then said what the hell we will have one of each, each.My sister Kathleen on the left hiding behind the shades ,I am on the right.
One of the surprise features for us was while we were sitting we were entertained by a Barbershop group who strolled around and sang a couple of numbers and then moved on, who needs Wimbledon?!


Catherine said…
Looks like you had a great day at Bloom - it was wonderful weather too. I didn't get to Dublin at all and spent the weekend in our garden and did some weeding, watering and planting up patio pots with bedding plants,and transplanting stuff in the tunnel.
I didn't even have time to blogpost as it was too heavenly to sit inside and I read on the patio or was down by the river watching the kids splashing about in our swimming area near the Blackwater. I am now in election mode to support hubby in the council elections tomorrow, and looking foreward to the count on Saturday, interesting to see democracy at work first hand! Don't forget to vote now!!! I did a post on the election fever yesterday - drop by!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
All the flowers in your photos are just beautiful!
My favorite also are the Lillies.
I enjoy outing with my sisters, too. I am ready for another one after seeing how much fun you two had.

The replica of Michelle Obama's vegetable garden is a nice addition to the show.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
Have a great day.
Stewart said…
Hi peggy, those lilies look absolutely divine. Wish I had some in my garden.
Ann said…
What a fab day you had Peggy, and doesn't the weather make a difference! I love these type of occasions. I still miss Geoff Hamilton on the tv, he had some great ideas, did you see his veg garden series?
Peggy said…
Catherine, I have always voted I take my right to do so seriousley even though sometimes I have been hard put to pick a candidate!You know the saying (probably coined by FF 'Vote early vote often'!

Pam, we had a great day as we were both interested in the same things and just browsed at our liesure

Stewart, I dont think those lilies saw the outside of a greenhouse but it is nice to see beauty and wish for it

Ann, the weather made it special ,I have seen nearly every programme I am sure that Geoff presented, he was really no nonsense and had a commonn sense approach to everything.
What a lovely day out. Thanks for taking us along. Wish I could smell the roses.

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