Shakespeare and Stratford on Avon 2

One of the many flower displays around the town ,this one is at a roundabout. It looks like bunnies made of small succulents and are dotted around the flower bed. The hanging baskets were stunning and hung everywhere.
Some of the house names are quaint and whimsical and in keeping with the tourist attractions.The shops and houses are kept in theme with the whole Shakespeare tourist trail.
The house is Shakespeare's birthplace and these students were getting in the name plaque to prove they were there! The house is entered from the side by going through the Shakespeare Experience and paying £12 to see inside.I would wonder how long more it will survive with the volume of tourists tramping through it each day.
A permanent Christmas Shop! The smell of cinnamon or pine I am not sure which, hits you as soon as you walk through the door.Selling ornaments and Santa's in June.Business was brisk when we went inside.
Lots of people were taking photos and going inside this particular shop.Shakespeare's words are used in the names of shops as in a cafe'the Food of Love' or a toyshop 'Much Ado About Toys'you get the picture.


Sheila said…
Very nice! I adore those bunnies!
What a delightful trip!! I am sorry that the rain was so terrible, though. Those kinds of things really make one miserable when all you want to do is just enjoy yourself.

Thanks for the kind words about Elbert. Your caring and friendship has meant the world to me.
Hahaha! Yes, I do get the idea. Twelve quid entry into the house though. SO expensive! I know they have to make money and that tourism is important but, like most interesting tourist spots these days, it all sounds a bit overpriced-disneyesque.

That said, I would still be thrilled just to be there!
sharonl said…
That looks like such a nice trip! must put it on my 'places to see' list!

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