Allotment Open Day 1

Our Allotment open day was a great success in bright sunshine.First an update on Kevin, he is now home on the way to a complete recovery. He developed a limp which got steadily worse and by the time he was admitted to hospital he could hardly walk.After extensive tests including an MRI scan we are no wiser as to what caused it, it may have been a viral infection.He was very upset missing the Open Day but we will have a BBQ especially for him soon to make up for it. He told the medical staff about the allotment and what we were growing and from all accounts at least one of them is very interested in visiting or maybe even getting a plot!I was only there for a couple of hours on the day but did manage to take a few photos, I was babysitting Scott for the day and brought him on his first visit to the allotments and he had a ball.Pic of the windmills and scarecrows on Sinead, Aoife and Kevin's plots.They all have terrific onions growing ,much better than our ones!
Allotment owner Zwena showing some visitors her polytunnel, this was designed and a lot of the work done by Zwena herself.The sides are higher than usual to maximise space for growing and caused a lot of interest on the day.
Our sweetcorn, finally growing with the squash plants around the sides.I put up the green netting as a wind break as I think the howling gales we had earlier was slowing it up a bit.
The hens in their outside run, they are getting used to people being near them and being fed as they come right up to the gate now when anyone approaches.Scott thought they were hilarious and spent the time laughing especially when they 'clucked'! They are laying daily and the egg count is growing each day.
Some of the old farm machinery which was painted and put out on display in the new BBQ area, it is part of the history of the farm as it has been a working farm for generations and our plots are in what was the walled garden.I have to make this 2 posts to load up all the photos.


Ann said…
Glad to hear Kevin will be ok, what a worry!

Loved hearing about the open day and seeing the pictures, looking forward to the rest of them.

sharonl said…
Sounds like a successful day! your sweetcorn looks great, we just planted ours out last week, hopefully thay'll take off. We have our open day this weekend, hoping to fill the last two plots.
mangocheeks said…
Sounds and looks like it was a great day.

We will have an 'open day' ad hoc when the committee feels like it, and then it will be all a rush. I never enjoy it, and always look forward to going to other allotments open days.
Barbarapc said…
Glad that Kevin is on the mend. The gardens are really coming along. I've never seen real scarecrows before - they are wonderful. Won't be long now before you're boiling water for that corn. Hope it's lovely and sweet.

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