Being Green with Shakespeare!

Yesterdays harvest became todays dinner.I made the Spinach and Feta Cheese flan which is becoming a favourite. Some of the new potaoes were very small so I boiled them and allowed them to go cold. I blanched the beans in salted water and refreshed under cold water. I mixed them together with salt,pepper and mayo and had a lovely salad to go with the flan plus some lettuce.While reading allotment2kitchen last night I came across much the same recipe but used warm! There is also a lovely recipe for raspberry oaty bars which I intend to try rather than making jam with all of ours.
These potatoes are the Orlas and these were the first I used of them.I noticed some holes in them, while they look like worm holes surely our nice worms who turn our waste into compost know the difference between our good spuds and waste??!!All info appreciated, I will post the photo and question on gardeners forum also.
Back to Shakespeare, while unpacking I came across this bag I had bought in Stratford on Avon and the quote intriqued me so I looked it up on Google.The scene takes place in Bury St Edmunds and goes as follows,A post arrives, I presume a post is a message bearer:
Great lords, from Ireland am I come amain,
To signify that rebels there are up
And put the Englishmen unto the sword:
Send succors, lords, and stop the rage betime,
Before the wound do grow uncurable;
For, being green, there is great hope of help

Taken slightly out of context and shortened a little!
I also found this little gem in there so maybe Shakespeare was green!
Now 'tis the Spring,and weeds are shallow rooted;
Suffer them now, and they'll o'ergrow the garden
And choke the herbs for want of husbandry
Surely good advice even 400 years later.


They are a different type of worm! I'm thinking 'eelworm' but I'm sure that's not right. Could be millipedes though, they eat through potatoes. I'll be interested to find out what others say on the forum too.

Shakespeare was a genius, and way ahead of his time, so no doubt he was green indeed!
Jo said…
Hi Peggy, I've popped in here through your comment on Lynda's blog. Shakespeare was brilliant. thanks for including the poem in with your green post. I trust you're keeping well. (I've no idea which worm is eating your potatoes)Hugs from Jo South Africa
mangocheeks said…
Thank you for the kind mention Peggy.

Your plate of food looks really good.

I do hope you enjoy the oat bars as much as we have. I have just harvested a load more of raspberries, so will be making some more. They do harden into firm bars too.

About the holes in the potatoes, I don't think its worms, or millipedes, but some kind of maggot. But hopefuly an experienced gardener will be able to shed more light.

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