Spring Cleaning

Today was a beautiful sunny spring day and Kathryn and myself headed up to the plot, to pay our rent for this year which has actually gone DOWN. We started tidying up around the beds and checked what was coming on or not.Kathryn spotted this ladybird on a raspberry cane as we were working on clearing old canes and opening up the bed as there were too many canes per plant.We inherited these on the plot and this is the first time in 3 years we have been ruthless with them and cut them back. We thought it was early to see a Ladybird out and about?

This is the raspberry bed tidied up,we cut out quite a lot of wood and left just 2 of the strongest straightest canes on each plant.They will be tied in next week as march winds have yet to arrive!

We have decent looking rhubarb this year, the sticks are much thicker than any we have had so far and there are quite a few of them coming up.

We tidied up the Asparagus bed also. This is its 3rd year so we are looking forward to harvesting at long last.I loosened up the soil gently with a garden 'claw' , I don't want to damage the crowns by digging. They need a mulch and some organic fertiliser now (early Spring)

Zwena has added 5 more plots to the allotment which now brings our total to 25.These new ones are in a walled area and have been dug over and compost added to them. We have put our name down for a second plot as we are running out of space for all we plan to do.


Lynda said…
Your allotment is looking lovely, & ready for Spring ! Glad to hear that you've had some warmer weather later. Wouldn't it be exciting if you could get a 2nd plot/allotment ? Just think of all the things you could plant !
Peggy said…
Great spring weather at the moment Lynda, and we are 'plotting' already what we can do wiith a second one.

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