Baby news and new look scarecrow!

Daughter linda gave birth to baby Katie at 04.05 am this morning, she weighed in at a healthy 7lbs 8 ozs. Mother and baby are great and she hopes to be home tomorrow. No photo yet as I have been under the weather all day with sinus but it is lifting a little now. Linda has 2 blogs on the go, so her readers on the amateur crafter and a photo one she updates occasionally on photo gallery may not see new posts up for a few days but there will be lots of photos up there very soon I would think!

Yesterday afternoon when I collected the grandchildren from school we paid a visit to the plot with a new raincoat for our scarecrow which was looking the worse for wear after standing guard all winter!Kevin and Aoife admiring his trendy outfit, his face needs redoing also but he does look a little more cheerful after his makeover!


Niels Plougmann said…
Congratulations on becoming a grandma! Imagine living a mild rainy place where even the scarecrows need rain coats ;-)
Darla said…
Good job on the scarecrow and the new little one, hope to see photos soon. Prayers for your speedy recovery so you can spend time with the new bundle!!
Tattyanne said…
Congratulations! A new life, how wonderful! I wish you all well. Tatty X
Jo said…
Congratulations on your new grandbaby, Peggy. Pleased mother and baby are doing well. I love your new look blog. Sorry, I've travelled a lot since become a blogger and reading blogs and also have to restrict my surfing due to a limited Internet connection. Apparently this will soon be a thing of the past. Oh and I LOVE the rich, crumbly compost. You are doing a wonderful job. Hugs Jo xxx
Can't figure out how u found me, maybe something to do with I put u in as blog I like. Isn't technology great, just wish I understood it all. Love u'r blog, it has encouraged me to set up one of my own. Had hoped to be further along with it but busy at work this week simply because I'm taking next week off.Congrats on the new addition to the family, will have that myself very soon for the first time. I still say I'm too young to be called grandad, but as usuall had no say in the matter :-). Anyway keep up the good work

Peggy said…
Thank you all for good wishes on new arrival.
New readers Niels and Liam welcome and thank you for leaving comments, Liam blogging is something you pick up as you go along, I can't tell you the amount of times a post has just disappeared into thin air!
Jo we all have to curtail our blog surfing or we would spend all day on the computer and have nothing to blog about!!

ps...advil cold and sinus!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
Congratulations on grandbaby Katie!
Is this #14?
I love the scarecrow's new outfit. Kevin and Aoife would be great ones to redo scarecrow's face, I bet. But he looks very handsome to be now.
Best wishes to Linda and family.
Have a great day.
p.s. I like the link widget you have.
Peggy said…
Hi Pam, I saw the link widget on the blog dispatches from the deise but thought it was part of that layout, reading Lynda's blog foodfunfarm she mentioned getting it from the same blog, it is simple to do, just click into it and tells you what to do. I have been reading posts belonging to myself I had forgotten about!
Lynda said…
Your scarecrow looks very smart in his new raincoat, Peggy !

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