More Nanny Knits

Scott who is now 5 months old, modelling his aran style cardi and hat which I made recently.He seems to think he looks funny in them because he giggled and wriggled while his Mom was trying to take the photos.

Ok Mom enough is enough,I have things to do!

Baby Callum trying out his crochet blanket for size, he is now 3 weeks old and a little angel.
Baby knits are so quick to do, and with 2 more on the way they need to be!


Darla said…
Cute, cute, cute!!! I guess you do need something quick to make with all those babies arriving soon. Great job!
Good Morning, Peggy
You are quite the talented knitter. I love the things you have shown and hope you will show what you make the 'ones on the way'.
Secura1 said…
Mom, the aran outfit is only adorable. Scott looks so funny in it but he is such a smiler anyhow. Still raving about that blanket, glad I've put my order in for one for our little tot when she/he arrives.

Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
Scott looks adorable in his sweater and hat. Those are cute pictures!
The crochet blanket is beautiful too, as is Callum.
You have a wonderful talent that is coming in handy with those lovely grandchildren.
Have a great day.
The Piece Maker said…
There is nothing sweeter than a baby in a beautiful hand knit sweater and hat, and the crochet bankie will be wonderful on cold days. What beautiful babies!!! and more to are sure a blessed Nanny, hope they will all be good little helpers in the garden one day.
Tattyanne said…
Lovely pics Peggy, I used to knit all my babies jumpers and cardies, but they're all grown up now and would rather buy their baby clothes from Next or some such fashion outlet. Do this generation even know how to knit or crochet I wonder? I think not... Tatty
Barbarapc said…
You just want to pick him up and snuggle - what a handsome little fellow - looks so wonderful in his new outfit. Perfection.
Peggy said…
Oh, what is it about babies that makes us all drool?!,and smile!
Anonymous said…
Your blog is very attractive and I enjoyed visiting today. The blanket in blue and green is very tastefully created. Of course the baby is adorable.
Lynda said…
Oh, they're lovely - you are so clever & I can't imagine how you make them up so quickly - would take me ages !
Lindab said…
SO sweet - and so talented. I think you're being modest when you say 'quick and easy' - can I make a flying visit so that you can teach me??

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