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Back to gardening,I planted seeds of Kelvedon wonder peas left over from last year on 27th January, not too sure if they would germinate, but they did in about 6 to 8 days.They were in a seed tray so knowing they have long root systems I decided to transplant them. I checked out root trainers on Sat last, My God they are expensive! I had started saving loo rolls for the leeks but decided to use them for the peas instead. I used them plus a kitchen towel roll cut in half and then made newspaper ones as well. We had made these last year for the PSB and planted the whole thing when the time came to plant out as they biodegrade. I cut strips of newspaper and rolled it around one of the loo rolls for size then stuck it down with paper masking tape.

Then to fill the mini pots with compost without pouring it all over the place, I made a scoop from a milk bottle ( with a handle).I have made these before for using around the shed or garden they really come in handy.I then cut the top half off of a soft drinks bottle, I needed to cut some of the neck as well to fit neatly over the pots, it made filling the pots quick and easy. The bottom half of the bottle is saved for use as a mini cloche when the time comes to plant out.Recycling is one thing but reusing as much as possible will cut down expense and sending stuff to the landfill

14 Pea plants in their new root trainers,even at this stage they had developed quite long roots. I put them back in to the mini greenhouse to recover from the shock and as the days are improving I will start hardening them off for a little each day outside.
In the mini greenhouse at the moment are:
Tomato plants: not looking too healthy, a bit long and spindly not growing real leaves as yet.I think lack of light was a problem as I set them in January when we had very little daylight.
Cabbage plants: have germinated after 3 days! I took them out of the plastic and hopefully they won't get too spindly
Calendulla; germinated after 3 days as well.
Borage: white and purple no show yet ( 3 days )
Sunflowers: no show (3 days)
If this mild spell continues without any rain we will be able to go out to the plot and start preparing beds.


Barbarapc said…
Loved the idea of the loo rolls. Also interested that you start your peas ahead, rather than directly in the soil. They're looking really good.

Peas are one of the few things I can get in the ground here as soon as the snow is gone and the soil is pokable - sometimes as early as mid-March.
Gardeness said…
Love all your reuse. I'm stocking up on the paper rolls and milk jugs, too. I think making the newspaper pots may be next in line. Wonder if my 19-month old would enjoy that ... although it may be a disaster! LOL.
Peggy said…
Barbarapc,if you stsrt them inside when your soil is ready you are getting in established plants instead of seeds. Why don'y you try some both ways and see how they compare?

Gardeness,all children love 'helping'! The paper pots are great for little ones to do and fill with compost, hours of fun!
Lynda said…
I'm so impressed at the way you recycle and re use things, it inspires me not to be so wasteful & to look around me to see what I could perhaps use instead of throwing away. Thanks for some great ideas !
Peggy said…
Hi Lynda, reusing saves me buying!I get great inspiration on my blog hopping too.
The Tile Lady said…
Great info on what to do this early, Peggy! I love your ideas.

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