Resuscitating the Tomatoes

The Tomatoes had grown long and spindly with no sign of second leaves forming.They were planted on 12th January, they had heat but probably not enough light and grew up thin and spindly.

I mentioned to daughter K. on Friday they looked a bit unhealthy and she said to plant them into new compost up to half of the stem in depth. So nothing to lose on Sat I did just that.I selected 5 of the strongest looking of each variety which is really enough of each if they survive!

Today Tues this is what they look like! They have grown in length again but all of them have tiny second leaves appearing and the downy furry ( very scientific)! stems that tomato plants have are also in evidence.

I have left the others as they were to see if they develop in to anything usable but some of them are actually keeling over today.
I read somewhere that each time Tomatoes are potted on they should be put in the new compost up to the base of the bottom leaves, this helps the plant to develop a stronger root system to support the plant which will become top heavy eventually with fruit (hopefully)


Darla said…
Glad to see they are making a recovery. 2nd set of leaves are always exciting to see! I may try repotting some of my flowers that are long and spindly, I started indoors a bit too early!! Thank your daughter for the tip.
Anonymous said…
Genius! Iwas looking at gardeners world last night and monty don did something similar with a rather leggy looking lavendar plant he suggested planting it up to its neck in compost in a pot until only the new looking tips were visible and after maybe a short few days or was it weeks, the plant had grown fine and strong with new with most plants apparently even half dead ones you see on sale in the garden centres! kathleen
I've always wondered what to do with those long, long stemmed seedlings. They never seem to do well. So, thanks to your Daughter K. now I can try her method.
Barbarapc said…
They look much improved Peggy. I don't know if you're moving them away from the light for their photo, but if that's their growing position, you might see further improvement if you can get them within an inch or so of the lights.
Peggy said…
Thanks for all the info, I am glad I am not the only one who experinces spindly plants! Barbarapc i was wondering if it was too much heat and not enough light? They are near a large window and now that we are getting more sunshine they may keep improving.
I am glad you are posting this. I belive my dad had this same thing happen one year. I will let him know.
Lindab said…
These do look as if they're coming on now. Good to know that your work wasn't wasted.
Lynda said…
I'm so glad that you managed to revive some of your tomato seedlings, Peggy. I hope they flourish & that you get some nice, juicy tomatoes off them !

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