Potty Party

Posting recently about tea brings me to milk jugs.In 2007 daughter L. decided to have a birthday party with a difference. She brought us to The Craft Pottery in The Courtyard in Midleton Co. Cork. We brought bottles of wine and nibbles for the party athmosphere.Susan the proprietor of the pottery sells her own pottery and also does classes for adults and children and does not mind slightly tipsy adults let loose on her pottery!She had a range of blank biscuit fired pieces ranging from small items to large dishes etc for the more adventurous.We each bought our own item and then picked a bigger piece as a present for L.,which we all painted something on and signed.First photo is the group with the finished items ( we cleared away the party remains)!
Left to right: K. with vase: S. with a celtic goblet: L. with her mad cow cheese dish: M. with her vase and also holding the fish platter we gave to L: Myself with jug: J> with piggy bank.

J.,( baby Callums Mom)showing off her piggy bank.Susan supplied and mixed all the paint colours and gave us books to look for ideas on what to paint but I think we all just did ad hoc designs, meaning they probably did not turn out quite as they should have.

Myself on the left and daughter M, engrossed in our work!

Discussing the finer points of pottery painting!

My finished Granny jug. When I was growing up,my grandmother had an old dresser and brightly coloured mugs and jugs hung from hooks. I loved the dresser and all the ware displayed there, I often wonder what happened to it all, probably discarded at the time as old fashioned.I picked my jug and knew it needed a vintage design, so I painted flowers and ivy ( you knew that is what they were)?!
When we finished, we left our masterpieces to Susan and she glazed and fired them and L., collected them a few days later. The colours on the finished pieces were bright and glowing. We were all delighted with our potty party.


What a great idea for a party. I have to think of something around here that would be fun and different.
Thanks for visiting my Our journey through Alzheimers blog as your words gives me courage. You are such a sweet lady.
Peggy said…
It would be a great idea especially as your daughter does pottery? Maybe when she has settled she could look at the idea for you.
I find your journey coping with the new problems and the daily trials which living and caring for an alzheimers patient makes heart rending and inspiring reading, Latane
Lynda said…
Your potty party sounded like great fun, Peggy - & you all made such lovely items, too - love your jug !
Linda Jordan said…
Will have to think up something just as fun this year, birthday just went by last year without too much notice or fuss. Will get my thinking cap on.
Darla said…
That sounds like a splendid time.
Ann said…
Love your jug, it looks very vintage and authentic, the colours are perfect.
Catherine said…
This sounds like a lot of fun and your jug is wonderful, did you "throw" it too? We had a lovely pottery workshop in Lismore (eleanor howard pottery) until a few years back and they closed but you could see the work in progress. Now there are some ceramic artists whose work is more aesthetic than functional here (Jane Jermyn, Marcus O'Mahony), so we are back to scouting around for nice local pieces. I had never heard of this place but must check it out, Midleton is only 20-odd miles away. Love your garden photos, good luck with the planting.

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