Katy Jordan

Linda sent me through some photos of Katy today, I had to put one up here! She is only 2 days old today and has the household in the palm of her tiny hand. Linda has put up more photos on her own blog on amateur crafter.Grandchild number 15 and one more to go this year! So far as I know we have 2 First Holy Communions, 1 Confirmation , 2 Christenings and 1 wedding to plan for this year!
We have not had a baby girl in the family for over 8 years since Aoife was born, everyone is going gaga over pink frilly baby stuff!


you must be as proud as punch, and what a year of various celebrations yet to come.

Oh, what a sweety. She looks so content.Congratulations on the new one.
Tattyanne said…
She is beautiful Peggy. Looks like a busy year for you! I look forward to reading all about it! Take care Tatty
Lynda said…
Congratulations Peggy, on your newest grandchild - and a little girl, too !
Darla said…
8 years is a long time without a girl. I'd be going gaga too, she's precious.
Oh, a little girl. Aren't they just the best ever. Congratulations, Peggy. I know you are enjoying each and every one that comes your way.
Catherine said…
Oh she is a gorgeous baby! Congratulations and hope she has a wonderful life! My favourite part of my job is the newborn visits, they are always so joyous for the families and it's a privelege to be able to share that time with them in their own home. Lucky me!
You have a busy year ahead of you indeed; we had confirmation last year, our youngest , so this year is quiet.
Those milestones pass so fast it is great to treasure them.
Good to have some good news in these awful dreary days and even my blog is getting slightly politicised with the latest scandals and levies!
But not the end of recipes and photos of Lismore on a good day! Keep visiting!
Lindab said…
Congratulations to you and your family. How lovely to have a new granddaughter in springtime!
Peggy said…
Hi everyone, thanks for the comments and best wishes, I love them all but it is lovely to have a girl again!
Congratulations!! She is so beautiful. No wonder babies are so easy to spoil. They are so precious!!!
Amy said…
I just found your blog through Blotanical, Katy is adorable! Congratulations! =)

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