Plots old and new

Our new plot! A bit daunting looking at it now,most of it was dug last year but has gotten a bit overgrown through the year. We were thinking of covering it with manure and black plastic and leaving it for a few months to plant next year, but then thought if we get it rotavated and manured in time we could sow potatoes in it for this year and dig out beds as we are lifting the potatoes.Time is crucial now as the seed potatoes will have to be in around April.

Our allotments are about a mile up a private roadway and not many people are aware of it, I could not believe my eyes when I saw this rubbish scattered around about halfway up the road in one of the fields.One of the drawbacks of being near urban sprawl. Zwena is on a mission to catch the culprit.

This is the end bed which was covered with manure,compost, cardboard and black plastic over the winter.I emptied the compost from one of the carrot barrels over some of it. The white fleece at the end is covering 6 volunteer potatoes I found when digging up the bed they were in last year.The potatoes I have chitting in the shed have not produced anything as yet but these ones left in the ground were after sprouting and have shoots of 5 or 6 ins.I decided to try them out and put them in to this bed through the plastic and covered them with the fleece to protect them.We will wait and see what develops!

Our rhubarb is coming on in leaps and bounds! I had put a pot over it earlier in the year but then read that the crowns should be about 3 years old to do this.I took off the pot and mulched it up with manure to protect it from the frost and snow. So far it seems to be working.


Looks like you've got your work cut out for you there Peggy, tomorrow I hope to make a start on a similar area, but on a slope just for spuds.

I travel alot on a daily basis and the amount dumping similar to your photo is unbelievable. Even here in Bandon, put up a fence around a piece of land thats not in use, look over it a couple of days later and some clown has done used it as his private tip.

Thanks for the mention on the gardening site.

Peggy your rhubarb does look great.
Looks like someone dumped their trash out. Hope it doesn't become a habit with them.
Stewart said…
Hi peggy, I like the sound of potatoes for your new plot. A quick way to get kill off the grass and weeds is to use clear plastic. This allows the grass and weeds to sweat and the sun to burn them off, it should also get hot enough to kill off some of the weed seeds as well, then you can cultivate it and plant your spuds.
Good luck which ever way you go.
Lynda said…
Looks like you will be keeping busy, Peggy ! That rubbish thrown on the road is terrible, I hope they catch the culprit/s. Your rhubarb looks great :)

Seems to be working now, checked the help page and seems to be a problem for some time for some people. Anyway when you have a spare moment, please check.


Anonymous said…
Good luck with the new plot. I am sure it will grow some wonderful vegetables.
The rhubarb is looking great.
I can't wait to start planting in my raised beds and the regular garden.
Rowena said…
Seeing your repotted tomato plants gives me something to look forward to in regards to mine. I'm anxious to move them into bigger quarters already!

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