Green Gold

My latest order from arrived today. With the latest dire employment figures out today, 9% of our population is now signing on the dole queue, more and more of us will be growing our own not just throwing things in to the supermarket trolley if we can grow,bake or make it ourselves.On the subject of supermarket trolleys, they are made big for the purpose of making your shopping look small and increase the temptation to make you buy more! Nasty consumerism psychology,which has been working up to now anyway.
Back to my seeds, we have now all of the veg we are going to try growing this year, K. has more out in her house started as seedlings.The seed potatoes are from Wexford ,they are the organic variety Coleen. I mentioned on my blog that I was having a problem sourcing these here and a very kind reader who is also on Irish gardeners forum contacted me and posted me these .I will put these and more to chit in the shed again at the weekend.The bait was taken completely on 4 mornings but thankfully this is the 4th morning it has not been touched so I am hoping it is safe to have another go.
Seeds that arrived this morning are;
Spinach: Medania
Lettuce: Little gem
Brussel Sprouts: Bedford Darkmar 21
Swiss Chard: Rhubarb red
Leek: Musselburgh
Cabbage: Wintergreen
Borage: Alba (white, rare)
Borage: purple
Seedlings growing at the moment are: Peas and 7 Tomato varieties which are all doing OK so far. K. has more which I am not sure of,as you can see from the list we are getting a bit more adventurous and we also have all of the plot cleared at long last and so have more room to experiment.


Darla said…
Yesmam, we will all be growing veggies for sure, that is if we have any smarts about us at all!
Lynda said…
PEGGY so sorry to hear about the rising unemployment. I think the current world economic problem is affecting people all over the globe. You have a lovely selection of seeds, am sure you can't wait to start growing them ! Very interesting about the size of the shopping trolley's - I'd not thought of it before, but it makes perfect sense !
Tattyanne said…
where and how will you keep the tomato seedlings going until time comes to plant them on, surely they will get rather big. Do you have a heated greenhouse? If so how do you heat it? Tatty X
Peggy said…
Thanks Darla and Lynda for comments, Tattyanne, I have 2 spare bedrooms, finances never rose to an unheated greenhouse never mind a heated one!
I also intend putting a raised bed in the back garden and maybe covering it with polythene, to harden them off.we do have the use of a communal cold greenhouse in the allotments where we have had tomatoes and peppers for the last two years.
Lindab said…
The borage will be wonderful, but just to mention from experience that it seeds wildly. Six years after deciding that mine was too much of a good thing in my little back garden, seedlings still come up every year! But the bees absolutely love it, so if you have space and don't mind it getting around a bit you'll have some very grateful bees.
Peggy said…
thanks Lindab, I did'nt know that about Borage!The info on them says they are an excellent companion plant for Tomatoes and strawberries. They attract blackfly and so are good companions for beans and peas.

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