Happy Valentine's Day

An extra post today.No, your eyes do not deceive you, this is Jack from Georgia in the US, and no he has not relocated from there to Ireland! I recently bought a bag in Pam's Etsy shop and this was one of the lovely 'extras' she included. I intend to do a post soon on 'designer' bags and will include it.Meantime jack is wishing Happy Valentine's Day from both sides of the Atlantic!


Anonymous said…
I have to admit, Ole Jack looks pretty good over your way, Peggy!
You know, I had forgotten all about the Valentine's Day card.
It looks good for a today's picture.
Thanks for using it.
Have a great Valentine's Day.
That Jack is a gad about. :)
Happy Valentines!
Happy Valentines Day to you. I hope it was a joyful one.
Linda Jordan said…
Happy Valentines Day to you too Mom, sorry didn't post this yesterday but wasn't allowed near a computer. DH just wanted me to rest - which is admirable of him an' all but it does get awfully boring. As soon as he's gone out I'm up doing house work anyway so he's fighting a losing battle there. Love the picture :)
Love Linda
I just got caught up on your site. I am so excited about how far you are coming along. I am so behind. I better get moving!
The Tile Lady said…
Nice to see Jack from Ga via Co. Cork! :-) I did recognize his cutie-pie face! Thanks for the Valentine!
Lynda said…
Hope that you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, Peggy !

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