I planted seeds for the sunflower Helianthus annuus Giant Single yellow on 8th feb 4 days ago and they have germinated already! These were ones bought from www.seedaholic.com. I only planted 5 of them for the moment, one seed in a pot

Tiny little u shaped seedling peeping over the compost, looks like a little periscope checking out the environment before coming up any higher!

I tried a little experiment while I was doing them and covered 2 of the pots with a plastic bag. The 3 without a bag cover have germinated first.

These are all the info leaflet which comes with each packet of seeds.I have a tendency to put things away and never find them again so I have laminated each page, punched holes and I am going to put them into a folder where all the info will be to hand.


Darla said…
that's interesting that the ones w/o plastic germinated first. I was just wondering the other day if I could start Sunflowers inside.
Lynda said…
How exciting that they've germinated already - they are going to add a wonderful, bright splash of summer colour once they flower :)
Peggy said…
Darla, I have planted each seed in a separate pot as they grow fast and I don't want to disturb the roots too much.They will be potted on as they outgrow each pot and hopefully will be well established plants by the time I put them out.

Lynda, I love the sunflowers for their sheer bold size and colour!
Gardeness said…
Fast little buggers. I guess if you have a lot of growing to do you need to be quick. I'll be starting 3 types of sunflower this year, and hopefully make a sunflower house for my little guy.
Goldmember said…
Hello Peggy.

My My, you have been busy - we had yet another snow out last night and although its almost melted away already the plots a soggy mud pie.

I have planted some peas, salads, cherry tomatoes and summer cabbages in the green house now but nothings popped up yet.

I think Im going to take them indoors to germinate.
Peggy said…
Gardeness, kids love sunflowers they grow so fast,

Goldmember, you are still getting snow? Beautiful sunny spring day here today. You have lots started off already, one of the benefits of having a greenhouse you are not colonising bedroom windowsills!

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