Eternal Optimist

I don't know if it is eternal optimism or just plain fool hardiness but today I set out more potatoes to chit.I cleared away the debris and egg boxes and only reused any seed potatoes that did not have a hint of a tooth mark on them. The remains of them are on the left of the photo, over half of the original ones were thrown away.The centre row are another bag I had bought and are also British Queens, a second early. The box on the right are Coleen, an organic first early which I was dying to try out but had trouble sourcing here but they were sent up to me from Co Wexford.

One of the reasons why gardeners are optimists, today this little crocus was peeping up in my raised flower bed.It is between a lemon thyme on the left and companula to the front. I love the companula as it covers the rocks in a purple cascade all summer.This was a tiny slip my mother gave me years ago and I have slipped it over and over again.

Another solitary bloom, this time it is Dianthus or pinks as they are commonly called.This again was a tiny plant that has been moved so many times as it got too big and has never left me down just flowers every year no matter where it is pushed to.
Today has been a balmy 5%c. in Ireland, with brilliant sunshine after severe frost last night and more to come tonight. The days are getting longer and soon we will be out in the garden once again.


patientgardener said…
I'm feeling optimistic as well and have place my veg seed order today. Have you labelled your potatoes - I'm worried that you will forget which is which!!
Tatyana said…
I love the picture of crocus. Emerging hope...
Glad to see that not all of your potatoes got ruined by the little critters. The Dianthus starting to bloom does make one hopeful for things to come. Very pretty.
Daphne said…
We do tend toward optimism a lot. If something doesn't work the first time, just try it again because we believe that it's possible.
Linda Jordan said…
You really are an optimist Mom, will do a decade of the rosary for you and your spuds though. I love the crocus and ehrm, showing my ignorance - the red flower. lol They're lovely.
Peggy said…
Thanks for all of your comments and I will label my spuds now that you have pointed that out patient gardener!
Linda Jordan said…
I got my inspiration from your blog actually Mom. Thought mine was very dull so kept trawling through stuff until I thought it looked reasonable enough. :)

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