Works in Progress

I gained a second Lidl mini greenhouse, son B. has new baby in the house and does not have time to garden so it was passed on to me. I was able to move everything around as space was getting scarce in the first one. Second sowing of peas was moved down from the windowsill and everything else is coming on too. I sowed herbs which are still on the windowsill but all of them have put in an appearance so will be moved out in a few days as it is sunny and warming up a little.

Ed and I put down scaffolding boards which Zwena got for us to make permanent pathways. it is not finished as we need to cut some boards to finish.The weed membrane will be covered with wood chips so soon we will have less muddy paths.

Two rows of Orla first earlies, the fencing has to be finished before the next lot of seed go in. Another first early Colleen is chitting and hopefully will be in, in the next few days.

The bamboo frame for the beans which Kathryn has nearly ready, they are growing but need to be hardened off before transplanting outdoors

Sinead and Aoife have a bed each, which they helped to dig out, they planted onions and a strawberry plant each and one of the plotters gave them a gladioli bulb each as well. They have spring onions and lettuce planted at home ready to bring up. Kevin has to plan his plot soon and start planting.Along the side of the greenhouse I planted lavender and gladioli, I have a square of carpet covering some of the new plot so bit by bit it will be licked in to shape!


Barbarapc said…
Thought I was seeing double - how wonderful to have more mini-greenhouse space. It's all looking very good. Love the two wee plots of strawberry plants, onions and glad. So looking forward to snaps with the harvest - which by the looks of things will be coming very soon.
Busy, busy, busy... that's Peggy. Can hardly wait to see the garden all green and producing good veggies.

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