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I was reminded tonight that this was a post I meant to do, I was browsing blogs and Calico and Cards had a post on reusable bags.Photo is of Aoife with the recycled feed bag bought on Etsy from Pam on Life on a Southern Farm Its waterproof and hard wearing it is now my allotment bag because if I leave it on the damp ground its contents remain dry. I have also used it for bringing veg home from the shops and it is a conversation piece!

How many of you have heard of Anna Hindmarch? She designs bags which cost thousands of dollars and sell on Ebay for hundreds! This particular bag was designed to make recycling and not using plastic bags fashionable, a quote from the designer in New York Times reads; "To create awareness, you have to create scarcity by producing a limited edition," she said. "I hate the idea of making the enviornment trendy, but you need to make it cool and then it becomes a habit." You can read the story of the bag here
A store here in Cork got in some of them and people queued all night to get one of the bags retailing at 12e.

There was a blue and brown version made and all over the world people queued and almost killed to get their hands on one.There were videos on Youtube showing the pandemonium in stores with customers pushing and pulling to get one of them.One good thing to come from this recession hopefully will be a return to some sanity about designer labels.Designer bags and clothing are seen on so called celebrities who get most of this stuff free to endorse it and gullible people melt their credit cards to pay an exorbitant price just to be seen with the same!

This is one I made earlier! When the Anna Hindmarch bags went on sale I bought this cotton bag in Aldi for 37 cent and used fabric paint to write the message on it. Two years later after washing and using it is now being used to transport my crochet around. I have only seen one person actually carrying one of the designer bags, they are probably packed away safely in dust bags hoping they will increase in price and become priceless.


Ann said…
Good article Peggy, I'm hoping this recession will bring a bit of sense back to society, that will help the environment too I think!!!
Goldmember said…
Ha ha,

Love your sense of humour here peggy.

Good reading.
Dani said…
That's such a great idea! And more affordable than the designer one. :)
Anonymous said…
hi peggy,
i think you"ve got your very own original bag there!
Anonymous said…
Aoife looks sooo fashionable with the farm bag. (and cute too!)
They do make good all purpose bags, don't they?
I love your designer/smart bag.

I tried yesterday to leave a comment and when I finished it came up the dreaded error/duplicate error sceen.
Hope this one goes through.

Have a great weekend, Peggy.
Lynda said…
What an interesting post, Peggy - and I love all the bags you posted pictures of :)
Catherine said…
I love calico bags and I got a lot of them at various nursing conferences at the stalls where the companies exhibit their wares, we would fill up the bags with free stuff, pens, post-its and gimmicky things, if we got lucky maybe a memory stick or two! And lots of those probiotic drinks to keep us awake during the long motions debates!
I use old much-washed bags as jellybags for dripping the pulp for making apple jellly. They are brilliant for that purpose as the handles are just right for hanging over chair backs. I guess I never buy plastic bags now as it is all recyclables and I have so many - keep having to buy new ones as I often find myself without one.BUt then they get taken back to college by sons doing fridge raids on Sunday afternoons.
I don't knowwhy your posts don't show up in my blogfeed on my dashboard, as do most other posts I follow. So I have to click on your pic to get to your blog. I love reading it, we are trying to plant stuff as well in our polytunnel, though the soil needs replenishing. Goodnight now and maybe you will get to Lismore in the summer!
Peggy said…
I havent been online for a couple of days to reply to all of you who commented.
Thank you all for taking the trouble to do so.
Pam, the bag looks good and is so handy!
Catherine good point on using the bags for jelly instead of muslin as they are nearly the same type of cloth.
To anyone suffering google problems my sympathy!!

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