The Big Dig Begins

We have started work on the second plot.It was a beautifull warm and sunny St Patrick's Day so I took myself out to the plot intending to erect the bamboo canes on the bean bed.Grandaughter Gemma was sent up to help me and I was a bit sceptical as Gemma is a very girlie girl.Can this girl can move some sods! I was amazed at the way she attacked the overgrown bed and very soon had cleared it. Top photo is the finished bed.

Action snap of Gemma in digging mode, note the white boots!

Stephen her brother was also dispatched later and as I told him Gemma would be a hard act to follow he set to and cleared another large bed.

While the lads were digging on the new plot I attempted to dig the side of the new potato bed to dislodge some weeds and discovered that wire netting which had originally been along the side fence had over the years fallen down and become entangled with weeds and now was about 2 feet out through the bed.I had to dig a trench and pull the wire free of some roots that looked like tree branches they were so big. Instead of being out in the bed it will now be buried down the side of the trench and buried far enough down to deter our furry rabbit friends.I pulled out as much weed roots as I could get my hands on and we have gained about 2 feet of productive ground in the process.It will take another few days digging to complete it so the potatoes wont be going in for a week or two.
Today being a leaf day in the biodynamic calender I sowed seeds of some herbs,Parsley, Thyme, Basil,Marjoram, Dill,Sage and summer cabbage in trays on the bedroom windowsill.
I took the baby sprouts out from the plastic cover as they are strong enough, I dont want them getting too spindly like the other ones. The peas are strong and growing much faster than the earlier crop. I wonder is it really any benefit to sow too early as the seedlings take a while to develop into strong plants maybe due to lack of sunlight.
I opened the mini greenhouse to let the air and sunshine to the plants there and they are all doing fine. One of these days there will be mass planting on the allotment!
We had baby Callum's christening on Saturday and Ryan's Confirmation tomorrow so I will put up photos of both occasions soon.
I also brought one of the blue bins from the allotment as kevin wants to grow carrots at home this year.


Darla said…
Glad you had some good help. I bet that little "challenge" that his sister would be a hard act to follow put the fire right under his fanny!
Isn't youth a great thing. Thought u'd be out there alright. The work goes on
Goldmember said…
Hope you enjoyed yourself on St Patricks day. You sure are lucky to have helpful family members.

Whenever I tell mine I could do with a little help they just duck and cover.

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