Organic First Lady

Did anyone see the piece on the paper about Michelle Obama planning an organic garden in the White House?! They are planning on digging it out soon and she is encouraging children to become involved as it is through the children the parents will be involved. That is one smart Lady. The full story can be read here
Our Purple Sprouting Broccoli has finally put in an appearance! I though we should be eating it by now but maybe like a lot of things last year it went in late. This little flash of purple is the size of a golf ball and there is another one on a second plant.

Colleen second earlies, sprouting before they took their trip out to the allotment this morning.The weather is supposed to take a turn for the worst tomorrow so I hope to get them in today.

We are down to the wire. Two drill of first earlies, Orla, 4 drills of second earlies Colleen and one drill of first early Home guard seed donated by Zwena. I finished digging out the trench along the wire and burying the fence wire under a scaffold board. There is room at the end for 2 drills of Kerr's Pinks sprouting in the greenhouse,another donation from Zwena. Someone gave her a bag of seed potatoes which she kindly left in the tea room for the gardeners to take from.This is one of the huge benefits of a communal allotment, surplus gets shared out.
I have British Queens, main crop, sprouting in the shed but as everyone says they are prone to blight I am not going to put them in here but will hold off until we get a bed ready in the new plot.


Darla said…
Perhaps the First Lady will be an inspiration after all. Your gardens look great!
Dani said…
How long did your purple sprouting broccoli take? Mine has been in since Oct. and the plants are growing great, just no broccoli.
Peggy said…
Thanks Darla, your first lady looks like she gets things done and is not afraid to get her hands dirty!
Dani,we planted them as seed on 9th July last year and put them out on the plot at the end of the month.Its been cold wet and windy here for the winter which may have delayed them so looking forward to harvesting in April. I have added a link in the post to it.
Petrus said…
You certainly keep busy in your allotment.

Today we started work on our first allotment - it was certainly hard work but very enjoyable.
Lynda said…
Isn't that great about the First Lady ? I wish more parents would set an example by teaching their children about growing things - especially things they can eat. This would also encourage a much healthier way of eating, too ! I teach my 4 yr old daughter as we go along, she knows all her herbs by smell/taste & is SO proud & has a sense of accomplishment when I'm cooking & I ask her to please fetch me some rosemary, or thyme or whatever and she comes back with the right herb - the look on her face is priceless !
Evening Peggy,
Look very similar (chitting wise) to the first earlies I planted last week, so I can tell you I'm relieved. I've a bag of Brittish Queens and now that you say blight is a problem, I wonder is that irregardles of whether you plant them as first, second or main crop.
The plot is lookin well

Catherine said…
I think it is great that Michelle Obama is planning a White House organic garden! We have just spent the weekend planting stuff in our polytunnel and while hubby did most of the work I take vicarious pleasure in it and enjoy it as much as if I did it all! Now the challenge is to keep it weed-free, not easy when you are trying to be organic. And we have transplanted strawberries, took the young offshoots from older plants and hope they will do well. We emptied out the compost bin and it is great stuff, amazing! We also have fruit bushes in their 2nd year and as the birds got everything last year when we were in Spain this will be a lesson to us and nets will shroud everything this year!
I might take some photos sometime.

THanks for your comments on the races, I responded on my blogpost.
Good to see Corks first lady got on well with the potato chitting in the end. :)
Peggy said…
Spring is definitly in the air, everyone plotting and planting.

Catherine, I would love a poly tunnel but at home, you can really get an early start on veg with one.

Liam, My B queens are main crop I dont know if they can be planted at different times to make them ealries. Ask on gardeners forum

Petrus, good to see you and good luck with the allotment.

Lynda it is great to see kids interested in growing food or flowers as I think it teaches them respect for living things. Your daughter will see her herbs from sowing to using which is fantastic.

James, unwelcome visitors have not called again!
Peggy said…
PS I think my computer has dyslexia, it keeps getting my spellings wrong?!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy, you are an absolute inspiration.I love your site and reading your day to day writings. Your pictures of your seedlings are so helpful. This is my second year growing vegggies and I feel so much more confident this year, thanks to you and
We have had two meals with purple sprouting broccolli, its well worth the wait! Delicious! Keep up the good work.
Peggy said…
Hi Anonymous, I am glad you find the site a help as the first year we were trying to grow I trawled the internet for advise and I did find anything with photos helpful too. Good luck with the gardening, if it is your second year you are gettign hooked!

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