Manna from Heaven

This morning was foggy with a light mist of rain. I took myself down to B&Q to get bamboo canes for the bean bed.They were quite reasonably priced at 5.00e for 10 x 2.5 mtr thick canes. I returned and found all of these had been put through my letterbox! One of my sisters had been and made me a present of all of these organic seeds which are recommended by the one and only Alan Titchmarsh no less.Lots of interesting seeds for planning and reading about.
I bought the rest of the seed onions to finish the onion bed and when I collected the girls from school we went to the allotment and put them down. It was the last bag of seed onions in Ravens Court garden centre, the lady serving me said there had been a big run on them and the seed potatoes this year, everyone is trying their hand at growing their own.

Baby sprouts are up! They look like tiny shamrocks at the moment. The peas and the salad onions are also after putting in an appearance, but are so minute I don't think the camera would pick them up.The only thing not showing are the leeks.
Yesterday and today were root days according to the moon planting guide, so the onions should be off to a good start. I had not checked yesterday before planting and when I checked the book last night I heaved a sigh of relief!
Saturday and Sunday are flower days so flower seeds should be sown or something like Globe artichoke as it is the flower of that which is eaten.Monday through to Wed morning at 10.00am are leaf days so things like herbs could be started in the greenhouse.Thurs and Friday are fruit days and then it changes back to root days again for Sat and Sun. Weather permitting I may put in our root crops like carrots, beetroot, parsnips and turnips next week.


Looks like u've been very busy Peggy, I'm not going to wish i had more time , especially in the current climate, but there are days I wish I could go gardening rather that going to work. Hopefully I'll make it to retirment age because I'll certainly be one of those guy's who knows exactly how each day of retirment is going to be spent.

Peggy said…
Hi Liam, I know when Spring is here and there is so much you want to do in the garden work does get in the way!
Barbarapc said…
looks like you're going to need another plot - that or you'll be seeding the cracks in the sidewalks. Just went to the nursery and found some begonia corms on sale....pure madness. Like those little sprouts that look like shamrocks.
Darla said…
Great info according to the moon.
Lindab said…
Exciting stuff - plus all those Alan Titchmarshes. You're getting well ahead with your sowing. I'll always think of baby sprouts as tiny shamrocks after this!
Enfys said…
I am certainly living vicariously through your blog, haven't a clue what you are talking about some of the time, but you lull me into some sort of bucolic contentment, and I feel like going for a walk in the country after a while on here.....
Enfys xx

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