Earth Hour

The title applies to everyone all over the world switching off power if possible at Earth Hour 8.30pm March 28th.Hopefully up to 1 billion people in cities all over the world will participate.To take part does not require any signing up just switch off lights for one hour to reduce your carbon footprint.In Ireland government and heritage buildings are taking part by dimming or switching off lighting.
A great excuse to have a candlelight dinner!
In praising Michelle Obama for making an organic garden in the White House, I was unaware until reading a snippet in a paper that our own First Lady, President Mary McAleese was way ahead of her! The President has not only a vegetable garden in Arus an Uachtaran ( our presidential residence) but also has hens there! I tried to Google it to get some more information but to no avail so if anyone can come up with anything further on it please share!

The first photo is of the peas, about 35 plants waiting to go out to the allotment but the weather has taken a turn for the worst with temps dropping towards the weekend down to 2% or lower at night.
Second photo is the purple and white Borage plants.They are supposed to be an excellent companion plant for all veg,as well as providing colour they also attract beneficial insects.We need all the help we can get!

The Tomato plants are holding their own, the best performers are the Incas and Moneymaker the worst are the Berner Rose,only 3 have survived and one of them is on the critical list.

Red cabbage, Sprouts and red baron onions doing fine again waiting their turn to go out to the plot.

Summer cabbage Derby day coming on strongly, enough for our cabbage needs in the summer.
Seed Update
I planted herbs in seed trays on 17th March and so far the Thyme, Marjoram,Basil and the Dill are showing, there is no sign of the parsley or sage up to today. I also have a tray of french marigolds showing through, again thought of as a bit of a wonder plant on allotments for colour and attracting or repelling insects.


Darla said…
Very good post. You have a lot of work a head of you!
Evening Peggy,
Aren't seedlings great, to grow from start to finish is great. Best of luck, hopefully the bounty will be plentiful. (sounds a bit religous, doesn't it)
Dani said…
I'm gonna give the earth hour a try. I think it's a good way to get my little girl learning about saving energy.
Anonymous said…
My goodness a lot has happened since I was last here. It all looks grand. I just stopped by to tell you that I have been enjoying the kitchen towel--lots. My card sits out on the kitchen counter and is beautiful.

I washed it twice and it came out perfect. Soon as jodi and jen gets their stuff--I can post about mine. I did not want to spoil their fun. I just received the remaining cards this week to send out for March.

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