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Just a short post today on the Link Within gadget! I saw this on Catherine's blog Dispatches from the Deise and Lynda's Blog Foodfunfarm. I followed the link and got it on my own blog I was actually seeing posts I had completely forgotten about!
When I changed the background the link within did not change so the writing was unreadable. I went back to the site and emailed them thinking I may never receive a reply or it will be too technical, but no! A couple of hours later I got a lovely email saying they had visited my blog and it was now updated, which it was! I think that is excellent service in this day and age and deserves a mention.


Lynda said…
It's a great gadget, I agree ! A fellow blogging friend of mine also had a query & got a reply from Link Within very soon, they helped her to sort her problem out, too - great service, as you say :)
Relax with those mags,My wife has alot to answer for, she didn't like it there, but then I suppose it really wasn't the place to rear the kiddies or if you had medical problems. Do miss the constant sunshine, but hey if I had stayed I'd probably never have come across u'r blog :-)
Thanks for the heads up on this little gadget Peggy - it's great. I added it to mine and am, like you, amazed to rediscover old posts.
I'll be blogging again soon.... it's been a while.
Peggy said…
Thanks for visitng and leaving comments and I hope Scarlet will be back blogging soon. The link within gadget is terrific on all the blogs I see it on as it seems to draw similiar posts together.
Catherine said…
Hi Peggy- glad you like the linked within gadget, I dunno anymore where I first found it but it is all experimenting with me -if I see something I like I try to add it, sometimes it works, sometimes not. I was trying to add a podcast thingy today but it failed. I was trying to link someone to the Axles of Evil podcast from the excellent RTE 1 Documentary on One Radio prog. on Sunday nights 7pm.
Someone was on a blog talking about status symbols and how caught up people became in things like jeeps for the school run (and who never went off-road) and I wanted to share it with them. So I will send the link instead via a post. KISS works better sometimes! (Keep It Simple Silly -or stupid if you feel rude!)
I have a post on Devonshire Day in the castle good to go, just need to add pix. It was a great day. Wondered if you would make it!
All the best

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