Mothers Day

I haven't been online for a couple of days, the days were not just long enough.A lot of time was spent on the allotment but the two days I was there I had forgotten to take the camera so that will be rectified hopefully tomorrow.
Sunday 22nd March ( third Sunday) is Mothers day here in Ireland,and I think in the UK but I am not sure about any other area. Photo is of some of the flowers and cards not to mention chocs and of course Books which I have received from children and grand children for the occasion.They all have families now and get treated by their own offspring for the day.
I do not envy them breakfast in bed when I think of the soggy toast and cold tea I smiled and tried to look impressed by and grateful for over the years when they as young children decided to treat me to breakfast in bed, and waited smiling beatifically until I had finished every morsel! Thanks lads, I know your hearts were in the right place but you know my saying 'what goes around ,comes around'!
D.Linda wrote this poem for me for Mothers day a few years ago, I have it framed in the porch and thought it would be nice to share it with other mothers for the day.


For all the little things you've done,
For all the advice throughout the years,
For all the laughter and the tears,
For being my friend when I needed one,
......I thank you.

For letting me learn from my mistakes,
For all the encouragement,the freedom of choice,
For giving me strength to put my thoughts into voice,
For widening my understanding and all my beliefs,
.......I thank you.

For loving me through all my faults,
For protecting me from harm,
For keeping me out of mischief,
For being my Mother and not giving up,
.......I love you.

My own Mother died 3 years ago from cancer and we can only visit her grave with flowers tomorrow, I wrote a post about her in nannies which you might like to read also


So nice to get remembered on our special day, Mothers Day.
Lynda said…
Peggy, wishing you a wonderful mother's day today, & thanks for sharing your beautiful poem with us. We celebrate mother's day here in Africa in May, hopefully by then I will be celebrating with 2 children, if the baby has been born already ! Enjoy your day ....
Peggy said…
Thanks Latane, and Lynda, you might have a very special delivery for Mothers Day!

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