More beds

I spent the morning in the allotment again as it was a lovely mild morning and we have a lot to get going.The onions took a battering over the winter whether from the birds or the weather. I howed between the rows of onions and garlic loosening up the soil a little.I transplanted some of the remaining onions from the end of the bed to fill in the gaps, I moved them with a trowel and taking some surrounding soil so as not to disturb them too much as I am not sure if onions like moving! I dug over the end of the bed and planted some Spring sown onions but I will need about 50 more to complete the sowing. It will be interesting to see if the winter sown ones take off or if the ones sown now catch up on them. Scarecrow watched with interest I hope he remembers to shoo the birds away!!

Before I went out to the plot I removed the bubble wrap from the mini greenhouse and put out the peas, borage and sunflowers to harden off a little. All of the seedlings have come on producing lots of new leaves so they did not suffer too much from the move outside.

Under the fleece I have some volunteer pops which were uncovered while digging. They have good shoots up and I buried them in the compost but covered them with the fleece in case they come through and get burned with frost which we can still get for some time.I am not sure which varieties they are so they are kept to the end of the bed.Another experiment!

I emptied some of the compost from the bins at home and took it out with me this morning. I lined half of the bean trench with newspaper on top of what I had put in yesterday. I wet the newspaper and put the well rotted compost down on top of it and covered in that half of the trench, depending on the weather I may be able to fill in the other half of the trench tomorrow.That will be the bean bed ready to go then

The pea bed I had dug out yesterday was covered with fleece over the remains of the cloches since last year. This is to heat up the ground a little before the peas go out which they will soon be ready to do. I also dug out the third bed in this section where the red onions are to go. Red onions bolted on us last year,we may have put them in too late and it warmed up too quickly for them.We will try again this year with them.
That just leaves the 4th bed here for brassicas and some horse manure will be added to that in the next few days.
Potatoes will go into the end bed near the fence and this year for the first time the whole plot will be productive! Then we can turn our attention to the new plot .


Barbarapc said…
You really have been busy. It all looks and sounds wonderful. Another few weeks & I'll be joining you in the vegetable garden on this side of the pond.
btw I really like the blue and green ribbon frame - very pretty.
keewee said…
I'm not sure if onions like to be moved either, but I had some which needed to be in a different place,so now I guess I will see if they survive.
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
The allotment is looking so good!
The soil is nice and dark with compost.
I see Scarecrow is still on the watch.
Our weather this week was in the 80'sF. Now we have a cool spell coming for the weekend.
But guess what! I picked our first asparagus (this year) yesterday and it was delicious.
I should get my cabbage, onions and greens in this next week.

We will have more frost here also. Until the first of April, normally.

Have a great weekend.
Peggy said…
Thanks for comments barbarapc you obviously missed the floating shamrocks ! I changed to this background then for St Patricks day but I think I like it and will keep it!
Hi Keewee, this gardening is a learning curve just because the books dont say when or how is no reason not to try!
Pam, Oh Asparagus will be late May I think before we will have that pleasure1
Lynda said…
It sounds like you had a lovely time, enjoying the warmer weather & your own company - well, not really as you had your scarecrow for company ;) I like your tea room in the post below this one, nice to have that as you say, especially if you have a sudden burst of rain coming down !
Peggy said…
Hi Lynda, we must have our priorities right tea,tea and more tea!

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