Peas to go

I had intended to go out to the allotment today and spend some hours out there as my students are now gone and I am not tied to meal times! The day dawned cold and sunny but it is now wet and gale force winds, we even had a hail shower.
I planted my seeds of Karina second early peas instead, they have been soaking overnight in warm water to soften them and hopefully speed up the germination process.I got these from seedaholic and they are also organic. I used recycled loo rolls and newspaper pots This may seem a bit fiddly and time consuming before planting seeds but when it comes to planting out it does not disturb the roots as the pots are planted in to the ground and saves so much time at that point.When I am making the pots I leave the end open so the roots can grow through. There is also the problem of mice eating the seeds when they are planted directly in to the ground, so a bit of time spent at this point can save an awful lot of time and effort later. The kids could make up these pots on a rainy day too.
I think the remainder of the day is for knitting curled up in the warm indoors!


Peggy, took me a second to realize what a loo roll was.... ha.
Know the feeling Peggy, just couldn't get going myself today. Decided to watch dirty harry this afternoon. Can never wait to get to the 'do u feel lucky punk' scenes at the start and at the end. The mistake I made with loo rolls was sowing sweet peas in october and trying to keep them together for 5 or 6 months is a dose.
Darla said…
I'm sure the time it too will be well rewarded!

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