More seed sowing

I sowed more seeds today, in this container are a tray of Mussleburg Leeks, we are going to try successional sowing with them this year. They were late going in last year so we are getting in a bit earlier with them now.Some sown in modules so no root disturbance and others sown directly outdoors late in the month.The second tray in here are modules of brussels sprouts,if they all germinate there will be more than enough for our use.I read somewhere about putting tinfoil behind the seed trays to reflect light on to the seedlings so I decided to give it a try it, may stop them getting long and spindly like the earlier sowings.It is just tinfoil wrapped over cardboard and attached to the lid with duct tape.

Peas soaking in warm water for sowing tomorrow, the first seedlings are quite strong now and seem to have survived the move outside, as soon as the weather improves a bit they will be put in to their bed on the allotment.

Red salad onion seeds in their modules again they will be planted out without too much root disturbance and later sowings should keep a supply of them going throughout the summer.They were covered with a clear plastic lid and got the tinfoil treatment also.

" Hi, missus you do realise those feeders are empty"! This cheeky robin sat on the hazel staring in at me yesterday. I have wild bird feeders outside the front of the house, I knew they were empty at this point until I bought more food in the afternoon.He did not move even though he could see me and even waited until I got the camera and focused on him!


I'm enjoying your gardening - planting seeds in containers is one of the favorites of mine.

Your robin is darling - he is not like our robins here - he is more like what we call an Eastern Bluebird, but darling none-the-less. I got a wonderful book about birds from the British Isles not long ago - a very large picture book and I find it interesting to discover the different birds that live there.

Thanks for the fun with your garden - I can almost taste the food that you shall harvest.
Lynda said…
It looks like you've had a busy Saturday, Peggy ! I love the photo of the cheeky little Robin ;)
Ann said…
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog Peggy, I can't bear to throw buttons away!

I visited your blog earlier and was amazed at the amount of seedling you've got going! Our leeks have done well over the winter but the cabbages have been ravaged by the wood pigeons :(
The Tile Lady said…
You all are getting it DONE, getting those gardens ready for spring and the seeds! It's wonderful!

Yes, "Carry me back to ole Virginny" was sure in my heart those five years we were in Texas...we missed it. Not that Texas isn't a great place too, but you know how you always feel about "home" and Virginia as well as Alabama is home to both of us. Glad you enjoyed learning about the Dismal Swamp, too.

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