St Patrick's Day

The photo was taken in Gran canaria on St Patrick's day 2006,
I have changed my layout and header pic as we are coming up to celebrating our national saint's day soon. When we were in Gran Canaria, I have to say it was the best St Patrick's Day I have had! The sun shone from a cloudless sky, there was a parade, I think their first out there and there was singing and dancing in the streets.A group of friends and ourselves met up out there I have lots of photos which I will put up nearer the day.
Post update!! Anyone who logged on last night or this morning saw a different background to my blog. I had to change it because those floating shamrocks were driving me crazy. I changed the header pic to one of the allotment taken in May of last year.


Love the changes, very nice. Hopefully u got those mags.

Gran Canaria, lived there for two and a half years, fablous weather.
The Tile Lady said…
Happy Saint Paddy's Day dear Peggy! Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time in 06--wish you another great one this year!
Peggy said…
Veg and Flower Time, I got the mags today thanks ,feet up for the night browsing through them. You left sunny Gran Canaria to come back to wet and windy Ireland?!!
Tile lady How are you? May I wish you all the luck of the Irish for the coming year.
Lindab said…
I missed the floating shamrocks - pity! Happy belated St Patrick's day nevertheless. Like the new fresh look of your blog.

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