The Ultimate Coffee Table Book

My sister Kathleen has always been an avid gardener, a few years ago she got a present of a digital camera and happily recorded her garden and flowers in all seasons and left them cluttering up the computer as her daughter Catherine said on the inside front cover:
Several years ago ,Kathleen Howard's grown children bought her a digital camera, her first.
Since then she has used it for little other than taking hundreds and hundreds of photos of her precious garden, despite never developing a single one.
These photos have only served to gather virtual dust on the Howard family's computer ...until now

Last Christmas Catherine decided to get a book from of just some of Kathleen's garden photos and this was her Christmas present to her Mom.It is a beautiful book in hard cover with a dust cover and the photos beautifully laid out, some pages have just one and more have a whole collage of them. I presume you can pick your own layout.

I have photographed the book so my photos are not as striking as they actually are in the book. There are 118 pages with 328 full colour photos on black paper. Kathleen has been to the UK to the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show and likes nothing better than to visit open gardens on the week ends to check out the opposition!

Nice to sit down a wet winters day and remind yourself of how good the garden looked!

The blurb from the back cover reads;
Kathleen is an avid gardener.
Her talents have won her countless International Awards including the coveted 'Gardener of the Week' bestowed by the esteemed Douglas Weekly and she is a regular fixture at the ( armchair in front of the TV for the) Chelsea Flower Show.
When she is not gardening Kathleen can be found in the front room, pretending to read the paper but really keeping an eye out for passersby who slow to have a look at the garden.

Catherine kept a blog of her travels in Central America and got it made into a book on


Anonymous said…
Could"nt have put it better myself!
Lynda said…
What a lovely idea for a gift, & what a beautiful layout - very professional, the photo's are just gorgeous, too !
Nyperota said…

This is Norway calling : )

I like your tubling pots.
It must be very beutiful
with flowers...

Au revoir : )
Darla said…
Simply amazing!
Barbarapc said…
What an absolutely wonderful gift. Stunning photos - something to treasure forever.
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed reading about this book and your sister. What a thoughtful gift. All us gardeners can relate since our computers are full of hard to part with photos. Bravo! Priceless!
Catherine said…
Hi Peggy, I just posted a response to your comment on my post and I was wondering why I didn't get a feed to your posts - now I know why - I wasn't signed up to follow it! Dumb of me. Anyway that's sorted now.
I absolutely love the idea of this book what a great gift idea or indeed a kind of this is your life idea. Your sis turned up on my blog a few times as you told me, and she seems to have as green fingers as you!
I will visit the travel blog from your niece and her friend also. Have a great Easter!
Jo said…
Oh WOW, Peggy, hats off and applause to Kathleen for this stunning book of her garden. Early in the summer, I started to compile a special folder called "My gardening Book" and hope to later publish my gardening endeavours, especially the indigenous plants. Once again, congratulations to you and your family of green fingers. Blessings and hugs Jo

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