Easter Greetings to all.

Easter is a time of new beginnings and new life so I thought I would share the photos of baby Callum's Christening.The big occasion was on the 14th of march so he is bigger and cuter now at 12 weeks today.

The proud parents Janice and son Billy, Callum slept all the way through the ceremony just woke for the photos later

Family photo of Janice's family , Callum's big brother Alex was so proud when he realised that the Christening gown was the one he had worn for his,it made his day!

Baby Callum posing, D.Kathryn had been knitting and made the matinee coat,bonnet and boots for him/

The 2 Nannies posing! Myself and Janice's mother Mary.
I hope everyone has a lovely Easter and enjoys some family time.


Anonymous said…
he looks only gorgeous! very placid id say.
have a good easter to all
That baby boy is just so cute. I know you must cuddle him every chance you get. I hope you have a very blessed Easter. Latane
Lynda said…
Callum is gorgeous, Peggy -such a healthy and bright looking little boy ! I hope that you & your loved ones had a very happy Easter ....
That's a cute Christening gown!

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