This is the Dill which was repotted last week and put outdoors in the mini greenhouse.It is growing upwards quickly.I have heard of the herb but not used it before I think it is supposed to go well with potato salad ,I will have to read up on its uses as it looks as if we will have quite a bit of it.The Basil which again was repotted into individual pots but quite a lot more of it!Basil is also a good companion plant for tomatoes and asparagus, it has a lot of culinary uses as well and I think is used to make pesto.I will have to google how to do that if these all survive.
Herbs still on the windowsill indoors. The sage is slow but coming on,marjoram doing well and also the thyme after a slow start.The parsley has now reduced to 2 minuscule seedlings ,for such a popular herb I did not think it would be a problem to grow from seed!
The anthirrinum (snapdragons)are doing well but only on one side of the tray!Calabrese are showing and another sowing of lettuce this one is butterhead.
Squash has to be the star performer and a little scary the way it shoots up! These were sown on the 16th, 8 days ago and one of them is about 2ins high already.
I have been out on the plot nearly every day but have not had time to take photos as I am usually running for the school! Lots of what we can call cosmetic work done and it is starting to look good. I will do an update on that tomorrow as we have lots of new plot holders who are working up a storm.
We have had a seed swap going in the tearoom with seeds and seed potatoes so the newcomers can try a little of everything, we may have a plant swap soon as we will all have lots of extra plants.


Lynda said…
Your herbs look lovely, Peggy. Just think of the lovely herb salads you're going to be able to make soon :)
Ann said…
Fabulous lot of herbs Peggy! One year (when we had a good hot summer) I grew basil in hanging pots outside my backdoor, I still remember the gorgeous smell every time I walked past. Hope you parsley starts doing a bit better.
Darla said…
They all look good!!
you gotta stop showing me new stuff :-), up to my eyes in seedlings as it is, Herbs put on the back boiler with alot of other stuff, yours look fab though. Picked up those things u were looking for, will drop them off on monday.
Cheese said…
I'm over in Amsterdam at the moment and they seem to put dill in everything!

We have had a lot of problem with getting basil to survive for longer than a few months. Out latest tactic is to try sacred basil which is supposed to be a bit more hardy - only time will tell.

We have grown a few parsley plants from seed over the last year and have more than we know what to do with! Almost growing out of control. If you ever are in Dublin feel free to drop up and we'll give you a plant!
sharonl said…
Herbs look great Peggy, I've never had much success keeping basil alive for very long, but I love the stuff. Quick recipe for pesto if you want it,

2 very large bunches basil, about a good big table spoon of toasted pine kernals, tablespoon of grated parmesan and 1 or 2 cloves of garlic depending on if they're big cloves or not,squeeze of lemon juice, whizz em all up in a blender while adding good olive oil till you get the consistency you want, Less oil makes a thicker paste, more makes a lovely pesto type dressing you can drizzle over salads. Tweek as required, you can use rocket instead of basil to make a nice drizzle dressing for bruschetta. Enjoy
sharonl said…
forgot one of the most important things! a good shake of freshly ground black pepper
Peggy said…
Hi everybody thanks for the comments and advice.
Sharon welcome to blogging and thanks for the pesto recipe! I can see why you got interested in growing!
Cheese, welcome to the blog I hate to admit but I went out and BOUGHT parsly plants!
han_ysic said…

I always find parsley to grow better where you don't want it than where you do, mine self seeds in all the paving cracks each year, and I just pick from them or occasionally transplant some.
CarBasics said…
Great photos of your herbs, we have sage, thyme, mint, margaram (spelt wrong) and some other stuff too .. my wife knows. Why does the mint grow so wildly, it tries to take over the old wheelbarrow we have them in, we have had to put separators on there to stop the mint taking over.

As for corriander, can never grow it, it always dies and we don't know what we are doing wrong.

Carl - www.minigreenhouse.org.uk

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