The herbs sown on 17th march are slow, these are the best of them so far, basil,marjoram and the dill which needs repotting asap as it is getting a little spindly

The slowest are I think the commonest herbs which I thought would be the easiest to grow, Thyme (2), parsley (2) and a few of the sage have come through.

Antirrhinums (snapdragons)are very slow and small as yet

French marigolds making good progress and putting on new leaves.

Only 2 of the Berner Rose tomatoes have survived but have got much bigger since being moved to ICU (bedroom windowsill) the third one just died off. All of the other tomatoes in the mini greenhouse are doing well and have got used to the cold nights outdoors.
Weather here is so changeable from sunshine to torrential rain and today we may even have thunder storms in some areas.I have lots more seeds to go in so am waiting for the herbs to vacate the windowsill.


Darla said…
fickle weather? Your seeds are coming along well. I am going to sow A LOT of seeds today........
Blossom said…
Maybe I need to think about an ICU for some of my plants, too! I enjoyed your post. Thanks.
Your tomatoes look fantastic. Mine are still very spindly, living in the outdoor mimi-greenhouse and getting used to the cold but not really growing much.

Today we have drizzly rain and grey cloud.... I know we need the water but I also need the sunshine!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
Your seeds are coming along very well!
I didn't try indoor seeds this year. I do have spinach, turnips,collards and radish seeds planted in the raised beds that are up and doing well.
Our weather here can be so strange. Highs in the 80's one day and then a frost the next.
I did plant 2 tomato plants in the bed in front of the barn and covered them a couple of days ago for the frost. They survived!
Your Berner Rose tomatoes look great. Good ICU treatment!
Have a great Easter weekend.
Anonymous said…
i saw on gardeners world the other night that you should plant a row of french marigolds outside your tomatoe plants to keep snails away as they apparently hate the marigolds!
probably works for other predators as well!
Peggy said…
Hi everyone thanks for visiting and leaving comments. We are all I think suffering from the extremes of the weather at the moment. That is a good tip for the snails, it may keep them away from everything else as well. My plot will be festooned in marigolds this year!!

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