Old plants and new

I have a new link on the side bar to a Gardening by Letter project started by Anna of flowergardengirl blog.Those of us who have joined send her a card a month for 12 months with little gardening gifts included, Anna then sends them out to the recipient for that month. I am Dec so I am looking forward to my cards arriving. The project began in march, you can read about it by clicking on the photo.
More of the past weeks back garden make over. There is one central flower bed which I have kept in the middle of the gravel. This is a patch I have tried to grow vegetables on by bringing in top soil and emptying compost on over the years.I gave that up when we started on the allotment. It had got overgrown and neglected last year so this year I redug it and added new compost. These are two of my old faithfulls which come up ever year through thick and thin and a blanket of weeds! A variegated Hosta and an old fashioned Peony Rose.

In the clearout I came across this which I thought was a grass but its plant tag was buried in the ground next to it, it is actually a red hot poker which I had bought early last year plonked in the ground and forgot about. I apologised profusely to it while cutting back and tidying it up and hopefully it will forgive the oversight and bloom this year.

Another donated flower trough ,it has been backed with a trellis and there is an ivy and sweet pea planted in it to cover the bins at the back. I have also put in some lettuce as it can be functional as well as decorative!

The trellis in place with the sweet pea just in last sat.I bought these in Atlantic Homecare, they were crowded into little pots with about 12 plants for 1.99e

The original view of the water barrel and compost bins which I am trying to beautify before D.Michelle gets married in late August.It is a time of year when most things are past their best so any ideas for blooms for August would be more than welcome.


Darla said…
It all looks so tidy!
LissaMarie said…
how clean and organized everything looks! I just want to thank you for al the great tips you have on your blog, I'm just starting out with growing my own flowers, vegetables and herbs and your blog has been a huge help! =]
Anonymous said…
i love the w.c. looks great filled with pansies!
Ann said…
Love the trough and trellis, I'm looking forward to seeing it when the sweet peas are in flower, I love them. Your shed area looks so neat and tidy.

All I've done is clear my raised veg bed and I've ended up with a bad back again, think I'll just take a supervisory position this year!
Anonymous said…
You've gotten a lot done and the soil looks yummy. I like your barrels---who else but us gardeners would love our barrels. I also like your potty all dolled up.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams just got her package! Now I don't have to be so quiet about what you sent me. I don't do well at keeping secrets. She loves her stuff. Have you been over to see. She said she's coming by to thank each person. I am linking all the recipients to the widget.

Thank you for joining the project. I'm already working on your December gift.
Neat and tidy there Peggy,

Most annuals should still be fine in late august providing you feed and deadhead regularly, how about some dahlias for a big splash, can be planted up now in buckets in the green house to give them a head start or in another month directly into the ground.
Fiona said…
You have been so busy Peggy since my last visit to your blog. I adore Peony Roses and just love the planter box - That would look nice at my houe
Peggy, thank you so very much for participating in Anna's Gardening by Letter project. Your creativity and generosity is amazing. What a lovely collection of cards, letters, seeds, and so much more I have received. Just wait, you will love it.

Muddy Boot Dreams
Catherine said…
I love the loo! Great idea, we had an old Belfast Sink filled with flowers a few years ago, we moved it and now it's lying empty on its side near the shed, Have to revive it! Your plants look healthy, I have never managed to raise a hosta from the slugs! They have eaten all the courgette seedlings in the tunnel, we were too late with the pellets, so much for organic gardening in Lismre!

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