Tumbling Pots 2

The tumbling pots really captured everyones imagination! I suppose we all have pots stacked somewhere and this is a doable project that looks great for very little effort. My sister made this one today and as she did not have a small pot to top it off used a terracotta jug which looks fab,just goes to show you can personalise or improvise and come up with your own unique design.K.,used salmon pink busy lizzies in her pots. I think a nice trailing plant in the jug would look as if it was pouring out of the jug?! She does not have a blog so I have her photo up here hopefully anyone that makes one will put up a photo and let us know so we can go and see.
On the comments to this post Flowergardengirl suggested I visit cindeesgarden to see her 'Tipsy pots'. I did, scroll down her side bar to see the range of things she has recycled into flower pots and her 'Shoe Garden'!
While on Cindee's blog I clicked into the Junk Camp blog and discovered a whole new world of recycling junk! It seems to be a way of life in parts of the US and not alone does it make amazing reading but brings on a huge guilt complex at what we throw out over here!Another blog Robolady where the lady buys junk and 'deconstructs' it and resells the items she makes is well worth the read, do it when you have time to spare, I have just spent 2 hours reading through them, a rainy day well spent.


keewee said…
I had so much fun making mine. I think I am going to make another.
Barb and Steve said…
What a fun project! I have some pots laying around too...
Anonymous said…
You both have done a awesome job. It can be a bit addicting once you get the hang of it--which it looks like you two have done well. I like them all to be different. Interesting.

Cindee has some really good ideas for them. I think it's on her sidebar. http://cindeesgarden.blogspot.com/
Anonymous said…
just looking at this photo again, i started my second pot to the rightand yours goes to the left! i thought i was making an exact copy!
Peggy said…
Thanks for comments going to visit cindeesgarden now, K> I am left handed you are right handed?!

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